TagMatiks UHF RFID Label / Tag Sample Kit

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  • TagMatiks UHF RFID Label / Tag Sample Kit (TAG-LBL-KIT)
  • TagMatiks UHF RFID Label / Tag Sample Kit (TAG-LBL-KIT)


The TagMatiks UHF RFID Label / Tag Sample Kit is designed to offer a wide variety of RFID labels and tags for starting an RFID project. The RFID labels and tags are pre-printed and pre-encoded. This approach makes it easy to identify each RFID tag. The 2D barcode includes the EPC value and this makes it easy to pair with your assets or inventory.
The assortment includes the following RFID tags and labels:
  1. qty 5 of TagMatiks 1.75" x 0.75" RFID Labels
  2. qty 5 of TagMatiks 4" x 1" RFID Labels
  3. qty 5 of TagMatiks 4" x 1" PET RFID Labels
  4. qty 5 of TagMatiks 4" x 2" RFID Labels
  5. qty 5 of TagMatiks 4" x 6" RFID Labels
  6. qty 5 of TagMatiks RFID Hang Tag
  7. qty 5 of TagMatiks Flag Tag (Butterfly, PET face)
SKU Description Size Chip Type Typical Read Ranges
TAG-KLBL-17575 TagMatiks Kickstart 1.75" x 0.75" Poly RFID Labels 1.75" x 0.75" Monza M730 About 12-14 ft (On Plastic or Cardboard)
TAG-K-LBL-41 TagMatiks Kickstart 4" x 1" RFID Labels 4" x 1"  Ucode 8 About 14-16 ft (On Plastic or Cardboard)
TAG-K-LBL-41-PET TagMatiks PET Kickstart 4" x 1" RFID Labels 4" x 1" Ucode 9 About 14-18 ft (On Plastic or Cardboard)
TAG-K-LBL-42 TagMatiks Kickstart 4" x 2" RFID Labels 4" x 2" Ucode 8 About 12-14 ft (On Plastic or Cardboard)
TAG-K-LBL-46 TagMatiks Kickstart 4" x 6" RFID Labels 4" x 6" Monza R6-P About 14-16 ft (On Plastic or Cardboard)
TMHT TagMatiks RFID Hang Tag 4.25" x 2.125" Monza M730 About 25-28 ft (Hanging)
TAG-K-FG-299 TagMatiks Flag Tag (Butterfly Style - 0299P )  1" x 0.69" (folded)  Ucode 9 About 7-9 ft (Flagged)


These RFID tags and labels are typically designed for tagging non-metallic surfaces such as cardboard, plastic and glass. If you are planning on tagging metallic surfaces, please check out the TagMatiks RFID Asset Tracking Test Pack which includes an assortment of pre-printed, pre-encoded onmetal

Use cases for the TagMatiks UHF RFID Label / Tag Sample Kit:

Inventory Management:

  • Retail: Retailers can use the RFID tags to efficiently manage inventory. The pre-printed and pre-encoded tags enable quick scanning and updating of stock levels, reducing manual counting errors and improving stock accuracy.
  • Warehousing: Warehouses can streamline their inventory tracking by attaching RFID tags to items, pallets, or containers.

Asset Tracking:

  • IT Asset Management: Companies can tag their IT equipment such as laptops, servers, and peripherals with RFID labels. 
  • Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics can use RFID tags to track medical equipment and supplies.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturers can use RFID tags to monitor the production process, track work-in-progress items, and manage inventory of raw materials and finished goods. 
  • Logistics: Logistics companies can improve the accuracy and efficiency of their operations by tagging shipments with RFID labels. 

Library Management:

  • Public and Academic Libraries: Libraries can tag books and other media with RFID labels for efficient check-in and check-out processes. The pre-encoded tags facilitate quick identification and cataloging, reducing manual handling and enhancing user experience.

Available Software Where The TagMatiks UHF RFID Label / Tag Sample Kit can be used

TagMatiks Wedge - TagMatiks Wedge is an easy-to-use RFID software app for mobile devices. It collects RFID data using a handheld RFID reader or sled and sends that data directly to business systems and applications in various formats. The solution works with both all-in-one RFID handhelds and iOS and Android devices when used with an RFID sled. 



TagMatiks AT Lite - TagMatiks AT Lite is a simple RFID-based asset tracking software designed to kick-start your asset tracking efforts. It is available as an app for iOS, Android, and Windows, making installation and setup easy. The software connects to an RFID handheld scanner to help with data collection.


TagMatiks AT - TagMatiks AT is a cloud-based asset tracking platform that employs various AIDC technologies, including RFID and barcodes, for data collection and analysis. By leveraging these technologies, TagMatiks AT streamlines the asset tracking process and removes manual entry errors. It tracks the complete lifecycle of your assets, from receipt to consumption or disposal, and includes scheduled maintenance and repairs.


TagMatiks Retail - Use TagMatiks Retail to make in-store tasks like counting inventory easier. This helps to make sure your inventory counts are accurate and saves time compared to manual methods. With TagMatiks Retail, we handle making sure your RFID labels are set up correctly and that there are no duplicates. This leaves you more time to focus on helping customers.

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ISO 18000-6C
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