TagMatiks Rugged RFID Tag Sample Pack

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TagMatiks sample pack for rugged and durable Industrial RFID Tags are designed to test RFID applications in environments that require a RFID tag that can withstand highly demanding elements such as high temperatures, moisture, outdoor elements, dust, and more.

TagMatiks Rugged Sample RFID Tags perform well on metal surfaces.

Their robust design makes them ideal for applications such as industrial tool tracking, manufacturing and automation, and military usage.

This sample pack is designed to be used in conjunction with TagMatiks Asset Tracking (AT) and TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite (AT Lite)

TagMatiks AT and AT Lite include workflows to automate the management and tracking of tools and instruments using RFID technology.


The sample pack includes the following: 

  1. 10 x TagMatiks Gorilla Mini (Screw/Rivet) (TAG-GO-MINI)
  2. 10 x TagMatiks Tough Protag (Adhesive) (TAG-TGH-P1)
  3. 10 x TagMatiks Gorilla Long(Adhesive and Screw/Rivet) (TAG-GO-LO-STD)
  4. 10 x TagMatiks Gorilla Square (Adhesive and Screw/Rivet) (TAG-GO-SQ)
SKU Description Size Chip Type Typical Read Ranges
TAG-GO-MINI TagMatiks Gorilla Mini 1.10'' X 1.10'' X 0.27'' Monza R6P  Up to 12-14 ft (On Metal)
TAG-TGH TagMatiks Tough ProTag RFID Tag 1.52'' x 0.67'' x 0.22'' M750  Up to 18 ft (On Metal)
TAG-GO-LO-STD TagMatiks Gorilla Long 4.33'' x 0.98'' x 0.51'' Higgs 3 or M4QT  Up to 12 ft (On Metal)
TAG-GO-SQ TagMatiks Gorilla Square 1.97'' x 1.97'' x 0.39'' Higgs 3 or M4QT  Up to 16 ft (On Metal)
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Additional Information

Air Protocol:
EPC C1 G2, ISO 18000-6C, RAIN
902-928 MHz or 865-868 MHz (Sample Pack is available in FCC Frequencies only at this time)
IC Type:
Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking, Fixed Asset Tracking
Form Factor:
Adhesive and Screw
Download Data Sheet:
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