About Us

For 25+ years (since 1999) RFID4u has provided myriad of RFID, NFC and Mobility solutions including services, hardware, software and training to customers in various verticals.

We have been the largest provider of RFID training in the world and have taught classes across the globe. We have been collaborating with major RFID manufacturers from the start, developing their product training programs as well as using and showcasing their products in our classes during presentations and labs, which has provided great exposure to large amounts of potential customers. We were at the inception of the CompTIA RFID+ Certification and authored a book related to the certification. Now we are collaborating with the RFID Professional Institute on the certification for RFID Professionals and we are now in a second year of teaching classes and administering the certification exams for the same. 

Over the years, hundreds of customers have been coming for advice, system design, deployment, software and hardware to us as a trusted authority and as a result we have deployed systems from small to large all over the world. Some of our customers include Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Government, Dole, Harry Winston, Fitbit, HP and many others.

RFID is not a plug and play technology, it has many moving parts and aspects and unless they are all implemented and connected correctly (in light of hardware, software, environment and item tagged), the system will not perform optimally. Due to our extensive experience, we know what it takes to design, develop and deploy an RFID system and provide top to bottom services including software development and hardware procurement. As part of our complete service package we would like to offer the hardware sales to our customers through an easy to use online store that will be a center for knowledge, learning and help to make sure that they not only purchase the right products but also apply them correctly within their system to ensure a complete implementation success.

Buying from us has now became much easier thanks to our new e-commerce platform RFID4uStore.com.

We have selected the best products for your needs for the most competitive prices. And if you are not sure what to get or where to start, we will be more than happy to help you!