TagMatiks Tool & Instrument RFID Tag Sample Pack

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  • Tool & Instrument RFID Tag Sample Pack (TAG-TT-SPK)
  • Tool & Instrument RFID Tag Sample Pack (TAG-TT-SPK)
  • Tool & Instrument RFID Tag Sample Pack (TAG-TT-SPK)
  • Tool & Instrument RFID Tag Sample Pack (TAG-TT-SPK)
  • Tool & Instrument RFID Tag Sample Pack (TAG-TT-SPK)


The Tool & Instrument RFID Tag Sample Pack is designed for customers to try out a variety of RFID tags for asset tracking for tools and instruments. 

This sample pack is designed to be used in conjunction with TagMatiks Asset Tracking (AT) and TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite (AT Lite)

TagMatiks AT and AT Lite include workflows to automate the management and tracking of tools and instruments using RFID technology.

The sample pack includes the following (FCC version): 

  1. qty 20 of TagMatiks 6D RFID Tags (TAG-TT-06D)
  2. qty 20 of TagMatiks 1102 RFID Tags (TAG-TT-1102)
  3. qty 20 of TagMatiks 1502 RFID Tags (TAG-TT-1502)
  4. qty 20 of TagMatiks 2802 RFID Tags (TAG-TT-2802)

These tags are also resistant to a very wide range of chemicals, and have an ingress protection rating of IP 68. These tags can easily be adapted for applications involving overmolding/overspraying or embedding in metal. 

SKU Description Size Chip Type Typical Read Ranges
TAG-TT-06D TagMatiks 06D - Tool & Instrument RFID Tag 6mm diameter X 3.6mm tall (0.24” x 0.14”) R-6P or M750 Up to 4-5 ft.
TAG-TT-1102 TagMatiks 1102 - Tool & Instrument RFID Tag 12 mm (0.49") x 1.8 mm (0.07”) x 1.4 mm (0.054”) R-6P or M750 Up to 4-6 ft.
TAG-TT-1502 TagMatiks 1502 - Tool & Instrument RFID Tag 15 mm (1.06") x 1.8 mm (0.07”) x 1.4 mm (0.054”) M750 Up to 5-7 ft.
TAG-TT-2802 TagMatiks 2802 - Tool & Instrument RFID Tag 27 mm (1.06") x 1.8 mm (0.07”) x 1.4 mm (0.054”) M750 Up to 6-8 ft.


They require customer supplied epoxy for attaching to the instruments. JB Weld epoxies are usually good for an application like this. Surface prep is super important to get a good bond, clean the surface with alcohol and dry thoroughly.

Operating Temperature: -50° C to 85° C (-58° F to 185° F)

Temperature Tolerance: -50° C to 185° C (-58° F to 365° F)


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Additional Information

Air Protocol:
EPC C1 G2, ISO 18000-6C, RAIN
902-928 MHz or 856-868 MHz (Sample Pack is available in FCC Frequencies only at this time)
IC Type:
Impinj M750
Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking, Instrument Tracking
Site Based Epoxy (customer supplied)
Download Data Sheet:
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