TagMatiks High Temperature RFID Label

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  • TagMatiks High Temperature RFID Label (TAG-HTRL-42)
  • TagMatiks High Temperature RFID Label (TAG-HTRL-42)
  • TagMatiks High Temperature RFID Label (TAG-HTRL-42)


TagMatiks High Temperature RFID Labels are ideal for industrial and supply chain tracking applications

which require resistance from heat and other elements. The tags can be applied using either a staple or by

using the tear resistant hole. The RFID inlay is completely encapsulated within the HDPE material protecting

it for harsh use cases. The material is designed to be chemical resistant and can also withstand UV exposure

outdoors (typically for a year).

TagMatiks High Temperature RFID Labels are attached to each item using either staple(s) or fasteners

(poly/nylon string, plastic ties etc) rather than an adhesive. Each label is factory encoded, locked and printed

with a unique serial number, QR code (2D barcode) as well as human readable text to easily commission

assets or items in TagMatiks applications like TagMatiks AT or AT Lite.


The TagMatiks pre-printed and pre-encoded RFID labels are designed for users who are looking to jump

start their RFID endeavors. We can also use these on plastic and cardboard surfaces and it will work as a

standard tag.


Typical Applications
  • Lumber Industry
  • Parts Marking
  • Automotive Industry
  • Machinery
  • Aerospace

Please note that the tag does not include any ties or attachments but is designed with a easy to use hole for an attachment method of your choice.

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Additional Information

Air Protocol:
ISO 18000-6C
Operating Frequency:
860-960 MHz
IC Type:
Ucode 9
EPC Memory:
96 bit
Operating Tempretures:
-40 F /+302 F (-40 C/+150C )
4.25 × 2.125 inches (107.95 × 53.97 mm)
Download Data Sheet:
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