TagMatiks PlasticPro 3.5" x 1" RFID Labels

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  • TagMatiks PlasticPro 3.5" x 1" RFID Labels (TAG-K-LBL-PP351)
  • TagMatiks PlasticPro 3.5" x 1" RFID Labels (TAG-K-LBL-PP351)
  • TagMatiks PlasticPro 3.5" x 1" RFID Labels (TAG-K-LBL-PP351)


The TagMatiks pre-printed and pre-encoded RFID labels are designed for users who are looking to jump start their RFID endeavors. Compatible with TagMatiks software, the RFID labels are designed to help you get your RFID project off the ground!

TagMatiks PlasticPro is a washable RAIN (UHF) RFID label designed for application on plastic crates & pallets. These labels feature a strong adhesive, suitable for application on objects with low surface energy. Returnable plastic containers undergo repeated washing processes and TagMatiks PlasticPro is designed to resist typical washing cycles.

Moreover, a special antenna design ensures the labels perform when applied in close proximity to objects with high dielectric constant, meaning items with high water content like fruits, vegetables, fish and even automotive parts.

In addition to the various options available, these RFID labels can be customized and are available with various options and specs to meet your project needs. 

Contact your TagMatiks representative or call 408-739-3500 for more information.

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Product Information

  • can be attached to windshields, heavy plastics or other products with high dielectric constant like totes with fruits, meat with high water content.
  • white PET face with QR code and EPC memory number printed & encoded in EPC memory bank.
  • strong 3M adhesive
  • very good performance
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    Additional Information

    Air Protocol:
    ISO 18000-6C
    Operating Frequency:
    860-960 MHz
    IC Type:
    NXP U CODE 9
    EPC Memory:
    96 bit
    Antenna Design:
    Top: Aluminum/10 μm/Substrate: PET/50 μm
    Operating Temperatures:
    -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
    92 x 28mm or 3.62” x 1.10”
    Download Data Sheet:
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