TagMatiks Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag

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  • TagMatiks Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag (TAG-S)
  • TagMatiks Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag (TAG-S)
  • TagMatiks Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag (TAG-S)
  • TagMatiks Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag (TAG-S)
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TagMatiks Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag is a low cost, semi-passive NFC/RAIN RFID logger that allows to monitor temperature and humidity sensitive products like perishable foods and pharmaceuticals during transportation and storage. 

It is available in two models - temperature (TAG-S-1) as well as temperature and humidity  (TAG-S-2)
The combination of the high resolution sensor, the large memory size and the standard NFC/RAIN RFID interfaces is perfect for track and trace solutions including the cold-chain.
The RAIN RFID interface is ideal for reading temperature/ humidity data or alarms from distance allowing automated check-points on conveyors or through dock doors.
The NFC interface permits a very easy interaction with any NFC enabled smartphone allowing a user to quickly check the sensor without additional infrastructure.
TagMatiks Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag can be configured to store temperature & humidity samples in intervals from 5 second to 18 hours in the internal memory that can contain up to 4,096 samples. The user can define up to 16 temperature ranges with independent threshold alarms for a very accurate control of the temperature excursions.

The TagMatiks Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag can be used for multiple shipments thanks to the long battery life and the reset function allowing to reduce the total cost of a single monitored shipment and anticipate the ROI of the solution.
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Additional Information

Frequency Range:
– NFC/HF: 13.56 MHz – RAIN/UHF: 860÷930 MH
RFID Protocols:
– NFC/RFID ISO 14443 Type A Interface – RAIN : EPC Class 1 Gen 2 – ISO18000-63
Tag Type:
Data Points:
Up to 4096 samples
Temperature Range:
-30 °C to +70 °C
Temperature Accuracy:
±0.5 °C
Humidity Range:
0 to 100% relative humidity range
Humidity Accuracy:
± 3.5% rH, 20 to +80% rH
Monitoring Time Span:
Up to 5 years
Time Accuracy:
<0.02% error (typical)
Read Range:
– NFC/HF: up to 5 cm. – RAIN/UHF: up to 5 mt. In free air @ 2W ERP
Available Memory:
Up to 160 bits in EPC memory bank and up to 448 bits available for user
Monitoring Delay Option:
Up to 18 hours
Battery Life:
1 year typical (depending on usage and operating temperature)
Battery Type:
Li/MnO2 Model Renata CR2430SN
IP rating:
Enclosure Material:
– (W)92 x (L)63 x (H)6.5 mm3 max. – 3.62 x 2.48 x 0.25 inches3
35 g.
Download Data Sheet:
Download Data Sheet:
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