TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software)

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  • TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software)
  • TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software) with Zebra RFD40
  • TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software) with Zebra RFD90
  • TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software) with CSL CS108
  • TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software) with TSL 1166
  • TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software) with TSL 1128
  • TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software) with Zebra MC3330xR
  • TagMatiks Wedge (RFID Software) with Zebra MC3390xR


TagMatiks Wedge is a simple to use RFID software application for mobile devices. TagMatiks Wedge is designed to collect RFID data using an RFID handheld or sled and then feed that data directly to business systems and applications using a wide variety of formats and options.
The solution supports both all in one RFID handhelds as well as iOS and Android devices in conjunction with an RFID sled.
For the iOS and Android versions of the application, please download directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by clicking the links or by searching "TagMatiks Wedge."
The RFID software provides the ability to connect to an RFID handheld scanner to assist with data collection. For a complete list of support devices, please see below.
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Options include a free edition which can be used up 500 scans.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
What data does TagMatiks Wedge collect?
TagMatiks Wedge collects RFID tag data (including the ability to read different memory banks), GPS data (if the devices support) as well as meta data about the inventory.
Is TagMatiks Wedge able to work offline?
Yes, TagMatiks Wedge can be used offline for data collection.
Can I use TagMatiks Wedge with multiple RFID handhelds?
TagMatiks Wedge runs directly on a mobile device or supported RFID handheld so you would have one license per RFID device.
What applications should I use TagMatiks Wedge?
TagMatiks Wedge is designed for applications where you need to collect RFID data with an RFID handheld and feed it directly into an existing system.

What readers are supported with TagMatiks Wedge?

Zebra MC3330xR


Zebra MC3390xR 



Zebra RFD8500


Zebra RFD40 Standard /

Premium/ Premium Plus



Zebra RFD9030 / RFD9090










TSL 1128



TSL 1153 



TSL 1166



TSL 2128



TSL 2128L




TSL 2128P


TSL 2166


TSL 2173



Caen Tile



Newland MT90


Extronics iRFID500



Chainway C72


Chainway C66


Caen skID



Caen trID



Caen qID Mini




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