CSL CS108 Sled Handheld for RFID/2D Barcode

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  • CS108 Sled Handheld for RFID/2D  (CS108-C)
  • CS108 Sled Handheld for RFID/2D  (CS108-C)
  • CS108 Sled Handheld for RFID/2D  (CS108-C)
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CS108 is the best in class read range UHF RFID handheld sled reader on the market. It works with Android and iOS Phones and Tablets. It enables fast inventory of items on pallets, warehouse shelves, retail stores, and other tagged items in business processes where fixed reader class performance is required in a portable device.The CS108 is used globally in many mission critical government, industrial, and commercial applications.



Cold chain management               Quality control                          Living organic materials
Temperature data logging             Evidence tracking                      Floral management
Food inspections                          Cold chain transportation           Industrial composites and
Cold storage rooms                      Temperature controlled              chemicals tracking
Product authentication                  Pharmaceuticals                        Data centers        

Additional Device Mount Options (Standard Mount included with reader):

  • CS108BATCOVERHIGHCLAMPFor mobile phone or tablet with thickness range from 15 mm (0.59 inches) to 28 mm            (1.10 inches). ​Also a width range from 65 mm (2.56inches) to 115 mm (4.53 inches).​
  • CS108BATCOVERWIDECLAMP - ​For mobile phone or tablet ​with width range from 105mm (4.13inches) to 150 mm (5.90 inches)

Additional Battery Options:

  • CS108C - External Battery Charger for CS108 RFID Reader
  • CS108B - Spare Battery for CS108 RFID Reader

Order Code for Frequency Regulations:

CS108-V/H/C-2D-N N=1: 865-868 MHz (Europe) & 865-867 MHz (India) N=2: 902-928 MHz, USA, Canada & Mexico only (hopping frequencies locked) N=2 AS: for 920-926 MHz, Australia only (hopping frequencies locked) N=2 NZ: for 921.5-928 MHz, New Zealand only (hopping frequencies locked) N=2 OFCA: for 920-925 MHz, Hong Kong only (hopping frequencies locked) N=2 RW: for 902-928 MHz, Rest of the World that are subset of this band: e.g. Philippine, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Singapore, Thailand, etc. N=4: 922-928 MHz, Taiwan N=7: 920-925 MHz, China, Malaysia, etc. N=8: 916.7-920.9 MHz, Japan N=9: 915-921 MHz, Europe Upper Band (V for vertically linear polarized, H for horizontally linear polarized, C for circular polarized, -2D means with 2D Barcode option)

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Product Information

  • Read Range : Best in Class Read Range:
    • Up to 18 meters with Linear Polarized Antenna (tag and environment dependent)
    • Up to 15 meters with Circular Polarized Antenna (tag and environment dependent)
  • Country specific versions in terms of frequency bands.
  • Choice of vertically linear polarized, horizontally linear polarized or circular polarized.
  • Ruggedized design: Drop Test 1.2 meters on 6 surfaces, IP54.
  • 2D Barcode Scanner Module.
  • Works with Android and iOS Phones
  • Android API, iPhone API, Linux API, Windows API
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Additional Information

ISO18000-63, EPC UHF Class 1 Gen 2, Dense Reader Mode available (Class 3 Gen 2 compliant)
One of the following: 865-868 MHz, 865-867 MHz, 902-928 MHz, 922-928 MHz, 920-925 MHz, 915-922 MHz, 915-921 MHz
Read Range:
Best in Class Read Range : - Up to 18 meters with Linear Polarized Antenna (tag and environment dependent) - Up to 15 meters with Circular Polarized Antenna (tag and environment dependent)
Tag Information:
All banks, any sizes (e.g. 240 bits bank1, 512 bits bank3), Per ‘Tag Read’ RSSI value
Barcode Scanner:
2D module option available
Antenna Polarization:
Vertically linear / Horizontally linear / Circular polarized
Length: 161 mm (6.34 in); Width: 90 mm (3.54 in) Height: 161 mm (6.34 in);
639 g (without 2D Barcode Module) (1.40 lb)
Operating Temp: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F) Storage Temp: -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F) Humidity: 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Ruggedized Design:
Drop test 1.2 meters on 6 sides; IP54
Android Phone, iPhone, Windows PC, Linux PC
Battery Capacity:
3,400 mAh, field replaceable Option : extra battery (CS108B); external charger (CS108C)
Download Data Sheet:
https://rfid4ustore.com/content/data_sheet/CS108 UHF RFID Reader DataSheet.pdf
Source Code Samples:
Read / write tag. Tag inventory / ranging / search / authentication / association / commissioning. Barcode scanning, database manipulation, wireless network transfer, server side driver, etc.
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