TagMatiks Field Inventory (RFID Software)

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TagMatiks FI is a cloud-based asset tracking platform that leverages various AIDC technologies for data collection and analysis. The technologies include RFID, Barcodes, Beacons and more. Through the data collection as well as a wide variety of field operations, users can easily manage their field inventory. The platform also enables users to pinpoint assets globally through various dashboards and visualize a full history of the item.


  • Quickly Count Your Inventory: Counting your inventory physically can be daunting and a time-consuming process. Traditional challenges when counting field inventory include:

1. Time required to count inventory.

2. Inaccuracy of counts.

3. Cost of counting.

4. Infrequency of data capture.

5. Disruption to operations.


TagMatiks FI overcomes those challenges as counts can be quickly conducted using RFID. Locations that used to take hours or even days will now take minutes. At the time of counting, the user is able to view relevant fields to the associated assets such as product numbers, serial numbers, descriptions and more. Users also have the option of adding line item notes as well as photographs at the time of counting. In addition, the platform also has the following features to assist users and further provide visibility of field inventory:

1. Offline mode counting — count without

network connectivity and upload later.

2. Capture GPS coordinates on an item level.

3. Capture sub-location on an item level.

  • Expiry Management: Complete Visibility to Near Expiry and Expired Assets on both the mobile and cloud level.
  • Instant Reconciliation: Knowing your variances is important to make correct business decisions. After counting your physical inventory, quickly compare your expected inventory against your actual counts using FI’s reconciliation module.

TagMatiks FI provides a multiple of options to reconcile including:

1. Importing inventory snapshots through flat files and APIs.

2. Compare against another cycle count.

3. Directly import from system of record.

Through the reconciliation module, TagMatiks FI will automatically calculate matched, missing and extra assets for that specific location in the form of a variance report which can easily be exported in various formats. For missing and extra items, there is an ability to justify based on configurable reason codes for variances which are logged for against the asset trail for that asset.

  • Extensive Data Analysis: With various modules and methods of capturing data in TagMatiks FI through different data collections methods (RFID, Barcodes, Photographs and Entry), there is an extensive amount of data points being captured. With this new found data and TagMatiks FI, there is not only increased visibility, but also the ability to do extensive data analysis through various methods. TagMatiks FI stores an extensive log of known as the Asset Trail which provides the ability view full historical information for an asset from the asset’s inception.
  • Modular Deployments: The platform is modular and provides the ability for quick customization as required.
  • Customizable Reports: The platform is modular and provides the ability for quick customization as required.
  • Robust Notifications: Leverage the Event Center to notifications about all activity occurring across the platform.
  • Conduct Field Operations: 

    In addition to cycle counts and audits, TagMatiks

    FI has the ability to conduct various field inventory

    operations including:

    1. Transfers

    2. Returns

    3. In Field Commissioning

    4. Marking Items as Consumed

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