Sample Run for Walmart RFID Labels

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Sample Run with ARC Approved Inlay for Walmart Suppliers. Includes 20 sample labels. 

Our team will help you choose an inlay depending on your product category. (W1, W2, W4, Y)

Why Walmart Suppliers Should Choose This Sample Pack?

This sample pack includes a test run for RFID labels so that Walmart suppliers can ensure they have an appropriate RFID inlay & RFID label to comply for the Walmart RFID mandate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Does The Sample Run for Walmart RFID Labels Include?

The sample run includes 20 sample RFID labels with your custom printing and encoding so you can test and send to ARC as part of the Walmart RFID mandate process. 

What information is needed from my company?

We'll need a few minimal details such as product category (What you're looking to attach the RFID labels to), your GTIN/ UPC, description. 

Can you provide blank RFID labels?

Yes, we can provide you with blank RFID labels that you can print in house. 

Can you provide pre-printed, pre-encoded RFID labels?

Yes, we can provide you with pre-encoded and pre-encoded RFID labels that you can directly apply to products.  

Can you provide integrated RFID labels?

Yes, but that is not included in this sample run process. We would need to work with you to understand your packaging requirements


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