Zebra RFD40 Accessory Selection Guide

Zebra RFD40 Accessory Selection Guide

The Zebra RFD40 is a great RFID handheld / sled for data collection of UHF (RAIN RFID) tags. The device is typically connected via Bluetooth to a device running iOS, Android or Windows where the smart device serves as the display for the user and the Zebra RFD40 assists with collecting RFID tags. There is also a “standard” version that connect using a physical connector 8 pin connector to an enterprise computer such as the TC21 or TC52.

The Zebra RFD40 is available with three primary configurations – StandardPremium and Premium Plus models. At the time of publication of this guide, along with the device, inside the box, you receive a battery for the device, accompanying lanyard, standard USB charging cable as well as product documentation.

There are quite a few accessories available for the Zebra RFD40 that will allow you to expand the use of your RFID device.

Device Charging Cradles: There are various options available for charging cradles for the Zebra RFD40 including both that are charge only or charge + communication

These options are directly for the RFD40 only but there are several options for charging the RFD40 along with additional mobile computer.

When purchasing, be sure to select the appropriate power supply and cords for the charging cradle (available as options and included in the descriptions)

Additional Charging Accessories:

Device Mounts: Device mounts allow you to attach a smart device to the top of your Zebra RFD40. Some of options include:

Supplemental Accessories:

Oct 24th 2022 Viwek Jha

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