Lepton3x4 25dBm 4-Port RAIN RFID Reader Module R3104C

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  • Lepton3x4 25dBm 4-Port RAIN RFID Reader Module R3104C (WR3104CXAAAA)
  • Lepton3x4 25dBm 4-Port RAIN RFID Reader Module R3104C (WR3104CXAAAA)
  • Lepton3x4 25dBm 4-Port RAIN RFID Reader Module R3104C (WR3104CXAAAA)


The Lepton3x4 (Model R3104C) is an ultra-compact reader belonging to the easy2read© product line, specifically designed for low power and high-performance RAIN RFID applications. Its programmable output power, ranging from 10 dBm to 25 dBm, enables the reader to detect tags at distances exceeding 2 meters, depending on the antenna and tag dimensions.
This module is thoughtfully engineered with low power consumption in mind, making it seamlessly integrable into battery-powered devices. The radio frequency core of the Lepton3x4 is based on the Impinj E310 IC, which allows for swift reading speeds and reliable performance, even in dense reader and dense tag environments.
Thanks to its compact design, the Lepton3x4 can be easily embedded within various industrial handhelds, smartphone accessories, and other devices with limited space. It not only complies with regulatory requirements in both European and US environments but also boasts multiregional capabilities, making it an ideal choice for devices that need to adhere to compliance standards across different geographical regions.
Building upon the Lepton3 model, the Lepton3x4 is specifically designed to simplify integration for those who prefer using connectors instead of the automated manufacturing processes required by the SMD form factor.


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Additional Information

Frequency Range:
865.600-867.600 MHz (ETSI EN 302 208 v. 3.3.1) 902-928 MHz (FCC part 15.247)
RF Power:
Configurable from 10 dBm to 25 dBm (from 10 mW to 316 mW) conducted power
RX Sensitivity:
-72 dBm – 10%PER, assuming 20 dB antenna RL @ 30 dBm output
Antenna VSWR Requir:
< 2:1 for optimal performance
Antenna Connector:
4 MMCX jacks
Frequency Tolerance:
± 10 ppm over the entire temperature range
Number of Channels:
4 channels (compliant to ETSI EN 302 208 v. 3.3.1) 50 hopping channels (compliant to FCC part 15.247)
Standard Compliance:
EPC Class 1 Gen 2 – ISO18000-63
I/O Interface:
4 I/O lines 3.3 V level Iout = 8 mA max.
Power Supply:
3.2 ÷ 5.25 V DC
Power Consumption:
800 mA @ 5 V – RF out = 25 dBm 5 mA in idle mode – Ready to receive commands
(L)60 x (W)42 x (H)8.1 mm3 2.36 x 1.65 x 0.32 inches3
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