Zebra RFD40 Premium RFID Sled and TC26 Mobile Computer Kit

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  • Zebra RFD40 Premium RFID Sled and TC26 Mobile Computer Kit (RFD4031-G00B700-US/TC26AK-11A423-NAP)
  • Zebra RFD40 Premium RFID Sled and TC26 Mobile Computer Kit (RFD4031-G00B700-US/TC26AK-11A423-NAP)
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Your business is being challenged to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Gain the edge and efficiency you need with the RFD40 UHF RFID Premium and Premium Plus Sled. Connect to current and future Zebra mobile computers directly through eConnex™ adaptors, or wirelessly with Bluetooth® 5.3 capability. Industry-first Wi-Fi 6 enables easy over-the-air (OTA) device management.* Decrease cycle-counting time with an industry-best 1,300+ tag reads per second, optimized read range, tri-function programmable trigger and increased battery capacity, along with the durable drop specs, optimal battery performance and superior ergonomic design you expect from Zebra. 

Why Zebra RFD40 premium and Zebra TC26 Mobile Computer Kit

The Zebra RFD40 Premium is a handheld UHF RFID reader, while the Zebra TC26 is an enterprise-level mobile computer. These two devices can be used together to enhance and streamline various business processes that involve inventory management, asset tracking, and data collection.
When paired with the RFD40 Premium, the TC26 can be used to control the RFID reader and manage the scanning process. The device can be configured to automatically read tags as they come within range of the RFD40, and to store the data locally or transmit it to a backend system for further processing. This makes the TC26/RFD40 combination a powerful tool for inventory management, asset tracking, and other applications where real-time data capture is critical.
By using RFID tags and handheld readers like the RFD40, businesses can better track the location and movement of assets, such as equipment and vehicles. The TC26 can also be used to scan Barcode of asset tags and input other relevant data plus superior voice quality over cellular and Wi-Fi networks.
The Zebra RFD40 and TC21/TC26 Cradles come in both charge-only and communication variants as well. For communication support, the one-slot communication cradles have a Micro-USB port for connection to a host PC, This connectivity allows you to manage your RFD40 Sleds while in the cradle and also provides the ability to set configuration, push out firmware upgrades, and get device health info, so you get more information about your device with less effort. 

What's included?

  1. RFD4031-G00B700-US - Zebra RFD40 Premium RFID Sled
  2. TC26AK-11A423-NAP - Zebra TC26 Android Mobile Computer
  3. ADP-RFD40-TC2X-1E- RFD40 Sled eConnex Adaptor for TC26 to be mounted on top of RFD40 and communicate directly to the reader.
  4. Charging Cradle

5. Power Supply for Charging Cradle

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