TronRFID Antenna Cable (195 Series, SMA Male to RP-SMA Male)

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Experience unmatched connectivity and performance in your RFID system with the TronRFID Antenna Cable from the distinguished 195 Series. Engineered to enhance signal integrity and durability, this cable serves as the linchpin for seamless communication between RFID devices and antennas. Whether your focus is on access control, asset tracking, inventory management, or industrial automation, the TronRFID Antenna Cable is poised to elevate your RFID capabilities.


Key Features:

Unrivaled Signal Integrity: With precision design, the TronRFID Antenna Cable minimizes signal loss and interference. Featuring SMA Male to RP-SMA Male connectors, this cable ensures consistent and reliable signal transfer, delivering heightened read and write performance.

Crafted for Durability: Built for resilience, the TronRFID Antenna Cable withstands the demands of challenging environments. Its sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting performance, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations where robustness is essential.

Flexible Length Options: Tailor your setup with varying cable lengths to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a short cable for confined spaces or a longer cable for extended reach, the TronRFID Antenna Cable provides versatility to match your needs.

Effortless Installation: The user-centric design of the TronRFID Antenna Cable simplifies the installation process. The SMA Male to RP-SMA Male connectors ensure a secure and hassle-free connection, saving time while maintaining a steadfast link between your RFID components.

Wide Compatibility: Engineered for broad compatibility, the TronRFID Antenna Cable seamlessly integrates with a diverse array of RFID readers, antennas, and devices. This adaptability makes it an optimal choice for a wide spectrum of RFID applications across industries.



Inventory Management: Streamline your inventory tracking process with seamless communication between RFID readers and antennas. 

Asset Tracking: Elevate your asset tracking system's performance with reliable signal transmission facilitated by the TronRFID Antenna Cable. 

Access Control: Enhance security measures with a dependable RFID access control system. 

Industrial Automation: Optimize industrial automation processes by maintaining robust connectivity between RFID-enabled devices.


TronRFID RF Cables can be used to connect UHF (RAIN) RFID Readers from brands including Zebra, Impinj, Thingmagic, Alien, Caen among others to RFID antennas


Note: - We are able to provide you with whatever length of cable you need and whatever connector types you need for your unique use case.  If you can't find the cable you're looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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Additional Information

6 ft, 12 ft, 20 ft, 24 ft
Cable Type:
195 Series
Connector 1:
SMA Male
Connector 2:
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