Times-7 A8065 SlimLine Doorway Portal Combo

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  • Times-7 A8065 Doorway Portal Combo
  • Times-7 A8065 Doorway Portal Combo
  • Times-7 A8065 Doorway Portal Combo
  • Times-7 A8065 Doorway Portal Combo
  • Times-7 A8065 Doorway Portal Combo


The Slimline A8065 Doorway Portal Combo provides an attractive RFID solution for applications such as attendance tracking. The slim form factor and low profile give this antenna combo the capability of fitting snugly into any door frame with no compromises to space whatsoever. Mounted on either side and on top of a door frame, the A8065 provides a full 360° read range with a combination of all three polarizations to maximize reading capabilities. The dense read range and aesthetic qualities of the A8065 make it the ideal Doorway Portal for any event where attendance tracking is needed.

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  • A8065-71881 - Times-7 A8065 Doorway Portal Combo (FCC)
  • A8065-71880 - Times-7 A8065 Doorway Portal Combo (ETSI)
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Product Information

  • 360° reading coverage regardless of tag orientation
  • Slim dimensions allow snug fit into door frames
  • For high foot traffic events
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    Additional Information

    902 - 928 MHz (FCC), 864 - 868 MHz (ETSI)
    A8060 Dual Linear: Vertical & Horizontal Linear/ A8060 Horizontal: Horizontal Linear/ A8060 Vertical: Vertical Linear
    Far-field Gain:
    A8060 Dual Linear: Horizontal: 3dBi typical; Vertical: 4dBi typical/ A8060 Horizontal: 6 dBi typical/ A8060 Vertical: 7.5 dBi typical
    Far-field 3dB Beamwidth:
    A8060 Dual Linear: Vertical Pol: 25 in XZ plane; Horizontal Pol: 40 in YZ Vertical Pol: 140 in XZ plane; Horizontal Pol: 110 in YZ/ A8060 Horizontal: 30 in XZ-plan, 110° in YZ-plane/ A8060 Vertical: 25° in XZ-plan, 120° in YZ-plane
    A8060 Dual Linear: 2.5 typical/ A8060 Horizontal: 1.8 typical/ A8060 Vertical: 1.8 typical
    Front to Back Ratio:
    A8060 Dual Linear: Vertical Pol: -5dB; Horizontal Pol: -10dB/ A8060 Horizontal: -6dB/ A8060 Vertical: -12dB
    Nominal Impedance:
    50 Ω
    Anti-Static Protection:
    Yes, DC grounded
    Antenna Detection:
    10 k Ω
    Maximum Input Power:
    3 W
    Radome Material:
    Fire retardant ABS
    Integrated mounting guides / Adhesive foam strip
    Connector Type/Position:
    SMA female side fly lead (300 mm / 1 ‘)
    700 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm (27.5 “ x 3.5 ” x 0.3 ”)
    0.55 kg / 1.1 lbs.
    Download Data Sheet:
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