Times-7 SlimLine A5020LX - Linear Polarized Antenna

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  • Times-7 SlimLine A5020LX - Linear Polarized Antenna (A5020LX)
  • Times-7 SlimLine A5020LX - Linear Polarized Antenna (A5020LX)
  • Times-7 SlimLine A5020LX - Linear Polarized Antenna (A5020LX)


The A5020 Linear Extreme antenna is a member of our A5020 family, a versatile range of high performing antennas for various applications. Our A5020 antenna range includes some of our best-selling antennas because they are robust yet compact. Equipped with the familiar and industry-leading Times-7 ultra-low profile, the A5020 LX offers a compact footprint of only 150 mm / 5.9-inch square in a very smart-looking design.


The A5020 LX is designed to operate in environments where temperature, dirt and water levels are extreme. Being IP69k rated, this antenna can withstand high-pressure water cleaning, making it ideal for critical hygiene situations, where equipment is subject to regular and intense cleaning. It has also been designed for the medical industries to store vaccines, organs and tissue at temperatures as low as-90°C. The A5020 range is built to Times-7’s high standard for quality and ruggedness.


Being rated IP69K and IP68, the A5020 LX can also be is used for permanent outdoor applications. As well as being durable, its pleasing and timeless design blends beautifully with most interiors and makes the A5020LX very suitable for customer-facing environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 1.5 ft. wider read range
  • Just 150mm / 5.9 in. thick
  • IP68 rating suitable for customer facing environments.
  • High standard for quality and robustness, can be used for permanent outdoor applications.

Ordering Options:

  • 72386 - FCC: 902 - 928 MHz
  • 72387 - ETSI: 865 - 867 MHz


  • High-value pharmaceutical assets can be tracked in fridges and freezers using the A5020 LX antenna.
  • hospitals, medical laboratories, research industries and pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • This antenna could be used on forklifts for asset tracking purposes.
  • Food, Meat and Chemical Manufacturing Processes

What is included in the package:

  • Antenna
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Additional Information

865-868 MHz (ETSI) / 902-928 MHz (FCC)
5 dBi typical
Typical VSWR:
2.5 typical
Typical Axial Ratio:
Not Applicable
Connector Type:
SMA female side connector
Nominal Impedance::
50 Ω
Flush or VESA mount
150 mm x 150 mm x 14 mm
5.9 “ x 5.9 “ x 0.55 “
Net: 0.23 Kg / 0.51 lbs. Gross: 0.28 Kg / 0.62 lbs
Operating Temperatures:
-90° to +65°C / -130° to +149°F
IP Rating:
IP69K and IP68
Download Data Sheet:
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