TagMatiks Fixed Reader Integration Kit

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


TagMatiks Fixed Reader Integration Kit enables you to jump start your RFID initiative by combining a state of the art TagMatiks application with RFID hardware and tags. 
  • 1 Fixed Reader with Power Supply and Cord
  • 30 Day Trial of TagMatiks Core - RFID Middleware 
  • 1 Near Field Antenna 
  • 1 Far Field Large Antenna 
  • 1 Far Field Compact Antenna 
  • 3 - 6 ft (2m) RFID Cables

Choose between Impinj R420 (4 antenna ports) or Zebra FX9600 (8 antenna ports)

Please note that this bundle includes a 30 day trial for TagMatiks Core. After the initial 30 day software trial, applicable subscription costs do apply. There are various packages available. Please consult with your account manager regarding the best one for you. Please note that the hardware included in this kickstart bundle is non-returnable; however, applicable manufacturer's warranties do still apply. 

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Product Information

  • Simple, quick deployment
  • All the RFID system components in one package
  • Commitment free middleware trial
  • State of the art RFID hardware
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