RFID Virtual Site Assessment

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Get your RFID project going in the right direction


Why it Matters ?

• RFID technology may behave differently depending on the physical environment, tagged

assets / inventory and RFID hardware/ tags/ labels selected. Onsite testing may be recommended

before a full roll out; however, using virtual tools, understand the benefits of the technology before

you invest.

• Understand value added benefits that RFID provides to existing business workflows

• Examine existing IT infrastructure to simplify architecture and deployment

• Reduce down the road project costs by having a solid understanding of what to expect with the



Services Include 

• RFID Crash Course Session [2 Hours Virtually]: Review the basics of RFID including the different types
of technology,hardware options, fundamentals of RF physics and best practices.
• Business Case Review [1 Hour Virtually]
• Customer IT Landscape Review [1 Hour Virtually]
• Tagged Asset or Item Review [1 Hour Virtually] - Up to 3 distinct products
• Customer Physical Site Review - Up to 3 distinct read zones.
• Recommendations Report [Done offline and delivered electronically]
• Executive Briefing [1 Hour Virtually]


What to Expect ? 

• Professionally Developed Report by trained SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) including
- Business Case Requirements.
- IT Landscape pertaining to RFID
- Physical tagged product recommendations
- Suggestions for RFID tags to start testing
- Suggestions for budgetary bill of material and cost for a full roll out.
- Recommendations for physical installation (as applicable) and best practices.
- ROI (Return on Investment) Estimates

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