Impinj MatchBox RFID Antenna

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  • Impinj MatchBox RFID Antenna IPJ-A0404-000
  • Impinj MatchBox RFID Antenna IPJ-A0404-000
  • Impinj MatchBox RFID Antenna IPJ-A0404-000


Specification Overview: Polarization - Linear polarized, Requires 1 SMA TO R-TNC Cable, Frequency - 865 - 956 MHz.
Impinj's MatchBox reader antenna is the ideal antenna for demanding item level applications that require reading tags at distances up to 5 cm. With a diminutive size, and an integrated 20 cm (8 in) SMA pigtail cable, the MatchBox antenna mounts easily into confined spaces.
The MatchBox antenna, by virtue of its optimized near-field performance, is virtually immune to the effects of liquids, powders, packaging, etc.
Typical applications include access control, ticketing, document control, high-speed encoding stations, packaging lines, and any situation that requires high reliability with a constrained read zone.
The MatchBox antenna works for applications where standard antennas may fail, such as membership cards, blister packs, pill bottles, liquid-filled containers, and even tags floating in water.

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Product Features

  • Ideal for short-range singulation of individual UHF tags (Strong near-field performance enables reading item tags 0 - 5 cm away)
  • Near-field design penetrates liquids and most metals
  • Perfect for use with very small tag inlays featuring near field antennas
  • Small size: 73 mm x 33 mm x 12 mm
  • Confined read zone to minimize stray reads

What is included in the package:
  • Antenna
  • Cable NOT included
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Additional Information

865 to 956 MHz
Connector Type:
SMA Female
73 x 33 x 12 mm (2.87 x 1.30 x 0.47 in)
18 grams (0.63 oz)
Operating Temperatures:
0°C to +40°C (+32°F to +104°F)
IP Rating:
IP 54
Download Data Sheet:
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