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Zebra RFID Handhelds – What’s New.

The portfolio of Zebra RFID handhelds currently includes various options such as a robust sled – the RFD8500 which can pair using Bluetooth to a smartphone, mobile computer or tablet. In addition, users have had the ability to go for an all in form factor such as the MC3330R or MC3390R which features in integrated keyboard, OS and display. Now, the MC3330R and MC3390R are refreshed as the MC3330xR and MC3390xR, respectively, offering key new features.Product OverviewMC3 …
Oct 21st 2020 Archit Dua

Partner Interview with Caen RFID

Explore our partner interview with Caen RFID. We discuss latest RFID products from Caen RFID including: Caen Hadron Mini, an RFID module. Caen Proton, an industrial fixed RFID readerCaen Quattro, a fixed 4 port RFID readerCaen Hex, a unique USB based RFID reader with scripting abilities and a displayCaen Quad Circular RFID Antenna Dual Frequency Temperature LoggerCaen skID, a bluetooth based RFID compact sled. …
Oct 15th 2020 Archit Dua
How to Select an RFID Handheld

How to Select an RFID Handheld

There are many choices on the market and the more choices the harder it is to pick out the right device for your application and budget.If you can't bring the asset to the reader like with a conveyor or a door portal processing, you have to bring the reader to the asset. Handheld readers are typically used for exception processing, asset tracking when asset is fixed, remote data collection, and in small scale installations. There are four main types of handheld readers:Handheld Compute …
Jun 21st 2016