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This advanced, three-day training course with certification, featuring the latest equipment and relevant scenarios, provides a solid foundation for designing, installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of RFID systems for small to large businesses, as well as prepares you for the new RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate exam.

This course is designed for all auto-ID professionals, RF engineers, system integrators and users who need to gain critical skills to design, install, maintain and troubleshoot RFID based systems. Built around physical hardware deployment of RFID, our intense, hands-on certification training course is presented in a multi-vendor environment.

In this course, you'll go beyond the RFID Professional Institute certification requirements and deploy the concepts covered on the certification exam in a real-world, hands-on environment. Labs are fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art RFID equipment. For more information, visit this link


  • Presentation
  • Extensive hands-on training
  • Interactive Labs
  • Training Manuals
  • Resource CD
  • Certification practice exams
  • Sample tags/labels

Exam subject to availability by RFID Professional Institute, RFID4U is not affiliated with the Institute.

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Product Information

  • Frequency Bands
  • Propagation
  • Tag Types
  • Passive
  • Semi-Passive
  • Active
  • RTLS and Location systems
  • Sensors
  • Architecture Components
  • Tags
  • Readers/Interrogators
  • Antenna
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • Software
  • Networks
  • Privacy, Security and Safety
  • RFID Standards and Regulations
  • Ecosystem and Provider Roles
  • Business Applications and Implementation
  • Evaluation and Selection
  • Solution Design
  • Deployment Steps
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