Zebra TC22 8-Pin Android Mobile Computer (WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA)

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  • Zebra TC22 Android Mobile Computer (WLMT0-T22B6ABC2-NA)
  • Zebra TC22 Android Mobile Computer (WLMT0-T22B6ABC2-NA)
  • Zebra TC22 Android Mobile Computer (WLMT0-T22B6ABC2-NA)
  • Zebra TC22 Android Mobile Computer (WLMT0-T22B6ABC2-NA)


The Zebra TC22/TC27 mobile computers. The third generation of the highly successful TC2x Series, the TC22/TC27 delivers the best of all worlds — smartphone styling and pricing, with big business features that boost productivity and customer service quality. This compact, powerful device offers a large 6 in. display, Wi-Fi 6E, integrated scanners. providing a better return on investment. And Zebra’s portfolio of services can help you get and keep your devices up and running at peak performance. Get the boost you need to compete with any size business with the TC22/TC27 — the smartphone style workers want, the features your business needs, all at a price you can afford


Features & Benefits: -

  • The best wireless has to offer - When it comes to wireless, the Zebra TC22 offers Wi-Fi 6/6E2 deliver wired speeds.
  • The best of Android — today and tomorrow - Support through Android 16 ensures you won’t outgrow the operating system. 
  • Capture barcodes in less time — with less effort
  • A durable design built to last for years.
  • Create a lightning-fast RFID reader - Create a lightning-fast RFID reader Take inventory in record time with the standard range RFD40 UHF RFID sleds and the standard- or extended-range RFD90 UltraRugged UHF RFID sleds. Connect via Zebra’s eConnex™ adaptor or hassle-free Bluetooth and easily manage sleds over-the-air via Wi-Fi.

Ordering Options: -

  • WLMT0-T22B8CBD8-NA - Zebra TC22; WLAN, Wifi 6, SE55, 6" Display, 8GB/128GB, 16MP RFC, 5MP FFC, 8-Pin Back I/O, Standard w/BLE Battery, NFC, BT, USB-C, GMS, NA
  • WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA - Zebra TC22; WLAN, Wifi 6, SE4710, 6" Display, 8GB/128GB, 16MP RFC, 5MP FFC, 8-Pin Back I/O, Standard Battery w/BLE, NFC, BT, USB-C, GMS, NA

Accessories Options: -

  • CRD-TC2L-SE1ET-01 - Single Slot USB/Charging ShareCradle
  • CRD-TC2L-BS1CO-01 - Single Slot Base ChargeOnly Cradle
  • CRD-TC2L-BS11B-01 - Single Slot Charge-Only Cradle with Spare Battery Charging
  • CRD-TC2L-SE5ET-01 - 5-Slot Ethernet/Charging ShareCradle
  • TRG-TC2L-SNP1-01 - Trigger Handle

What is included?

  • Zebra TC22 Android Mobile Computer Unit 
  • One Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty

FAQs: -

What is the difference between Zebra TC22 and Zebra TC27?

There is only one main difference between the TC22 and the TC27: the Zebra TC22 is designed exclusively for use within the enterprise’s four walls, while TC27 is equipped with cellular capabilities and Wi-Fi which make it capable for workers outside its four walls.



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Additional Information

6.0 in. color Full High Definition+ (1080 x 2160)
Qualcomm® 5430 hex-core, 2.1 GHz
8 GB RAM/128 GB Flash
IP68 and IP65, with battery per applicable IEC sealing specifications
SE4710/ SE55 2D Scan Engine
Rear camera 16 MP; front camera 5 MP
Class 2, Bluetooth v5.2 and Secondary BLE for beaconing within BLE battery
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