Zebra FX Connect Software for FX Fixed RFID Readers

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FX Connect provides for simple configuration and deployment of FX Series fixed RFID readers. This software is compatible with the following FX Fixed RFID Readers:

FX Connect is a licensed feature which enables users to easily collect data from FX Series readers and disposition that data via USB HID (keyboard emulation), HTTP POST, or write RFID tag data to a USB flash drive in a hassle-free manner. FX Connect does not require the knowledge of APIs or application development that is traditionally associated with the configuration and deployment fixed RFID readers, thus simplifying configuration and deployment. FX Connect configuration is done via our simple web reader interface. Users can choose things like output format, delimiter, timestamp format, and data prefix and suffix and can also configure attributes such as antenna power, session, and start and stop triggers. FX Connect is licensed on a per device basis and does not expire.

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