Zebra Extended battery for ZQ51,ZQ52,ZQ61,ZQ62 (BTRY-MPP-EXT1-01)

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The Zebra Extended Battery (BTRY-MPP-EXT1-01) designed for use with Zebra ZQ51, ZQ52, ZQ61, and ZQ62 mobile printers. This high-performance battery is a game-changer for those seeking extended runtime and enhanced productivity.

With its impressive capacity, the Zebra Extended Battery offers a significant boost in battery life compared to the standard battery. Say goodbye to frequent recharging and hello to uninterrupted printing sessions. Now you can tackle large printing tasks without worrying about power limitations.

The extended battery is engineered to deliver reliable performance, allowing you to print for longer durations with increased efficiency. Whether you're working in a busy warehouse, on the go, or in a retail environment, this battery will keep up with your demands.

Enjoy the freedom of extended runtime and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable power source. Upgrade to the Zebra Extended Battery (BTRY-MPP-EXT1-01) and experience the difference in performance, productivity, and overall printing satisfaction.

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