Zebra Audible Stack Light/Photoeye Combo for FX9600

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The Zebra FX9600 Audible Stack Light/Photoeye Combo is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance visibility and automate processes in industrial environments. Combining the FX9600 RFID reader with an audible stack light and photoeye sensor, this integrated system offers a seamless and efficient means of tracking and managing inventory or assets.

  • Included Photo Eye sensor can be used to trigger reading of tags when an object enters the field of view.
  • Included Stack Light can be used to provide status, error or attention indicator to personnel.
  • Includes: - Photo Eye sensor - Stack Light - GPIO Connector - Photoeye Mounting Bracket - Stack Light Mounting Bracket - Piece of 4"x4" Reflective Tape - Installation Hardware
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