TSL CompleteCare Maintenance for 1166 RFID Reader

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As TSL® manufactures your products, we know how to best protect them. CompleteCare is one-stop coverage through a single platform with extensive customer support. CompleteCare benefits include:

CompleteCare RepairEngine

This cloud-based technology management platform allows you to start repairs with a few clicks or a scan, and keeps track of your devices. Detailed failure reports can provide insight into potential factors within your organization that are contributing to hardware issues.

US-based Facility

No need to worry about the extra hassle of shipping returns abroad – our industry leading ‘Best in Class’ facility based in Atlanta, Georgia provides repairs, replacements and tailored support for US customers.

Technical Support

Email our US-based Technical Support Team for speedy issue resolution, with the aim of getting you back up and running in the shortest possible time. Our online troubleshooting guides can also help you identify issues or pinpoint a hardware fault.

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