ThingMagic RAINStream Software

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  • ThingMagic RAINStream Software (TM-RAINSTM-LIC)
  • ThingMagic RAINStream Software (TM-RAINSTM-LIC)
  • ThingMagic RAINStream Software (TM-RAINSTM-LIC)
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Simplifying RFID Integration into Existing Systems

RAINstream is an optional on-reader application that streamlines data transfer and simplifies the integration of the ThingMagic RAIN UHF RFID reader into existing systems.
With RAINstream, tag data can be sent to a back-end processing system using standard connections and protocols. RAINstream eliminates the need for interpretation code at the host or server, thus saving time and cost in implementation and maintenance.
The data stream output can be customized to provide a range of tag data and status conditions, for maximum utility and efficiency.
Reading can be continuous, continuous only when a GPI line is active, or for a timed duration when a GPI line goes active.
Reader, network and RFID protocol settings are configured and saved through a web interface that is sourced by the reader. Once the RAINstream license is applied, it remains in effect for the entire life of the product, even as new features are added to the product through firmware upgrades.

Features & Benefits:

• Simpler Integration of the RFID Reader into Existing Systems
• Ability to Customize Data Stream Outputs
• Option to Coordinate Reading with External Events
• Control over Read Duration


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Product Information

Supported Back-End Protocols
  • TCP: User opens TCP connection to reader, reads data.
  • HTTP POST: User implements server-side script. Reader periodically posts to script.
  • Serial: User opens serial connection to reader, reads data.
  • HID Keyboard: User plugs reader into computer’s USB port. Reader types data. Usually used in conjunction with GPI trigger to emulate a legacy barcode scanner.
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Additional Information

SaaS, monitored and updated by Impinj, and deployed on a customer-managed Virtual Machine
Limited Availability
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