TagMatiks RFID Cable Tag & Rope Holder, 0.430" I.D. - Black, 50-pack

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  • TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag - RFID Tag for Cable Assemblies
  • TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag - RFID Tag for Cable Assemblies - Components
  • TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag - RFID Tag for Cable Assemblies


Tracking cable assemblies with TagMatiks AT or TagMatiks AT Lite can now be implemented more cost effectively than ever, with more reliable read performance at a lower price point.

This RFID tag has a low profile, just 2.8 mm tall and a relatively small footprint of 36 mm x 11 mm. Despite this small package, it provides a read range of 14-18’ when mounted on insulated metal. The cable RFID tag fits perfectly with the tag holder (0.43" ID), deployed by many companies that use large, expensive cable assemblies; in industries like events management, video production, portable power generation and construction. The cable RFID tag enables users to quickly identify a specific cable, even when there are many cables present.  The read sensitivity of the new generation product provides more reliable reads and more complete reads even when cables are piled together for transport. The cable RFID tag also functions well when mounted on plastic, when metal is in the near background. The cable RFID tag is good for tracking IT devices with plastic bezels, which have metal behind them, when traditional tags for plastic work poorly.

The offered RFID tag includes 0.43" ID cable tag holder. This is made of high-performance thermoplastic polyester resin, secured with industrial-quality screws and specifically designed for the cable RFID tag, they’re designed to stand up to the harsh conditions to which cables are often subjected. From impact and pressure to temperature extremes, the cable tag holders keep an onboard RFID tag safe and secure – ensuring the data you need is always at your fingertips. Below other options for RFID tag holder sizes available are (please contact sales for lead times and availability):

I.D.DimensionsTypical Uses
0.300”                1.96” x 0.88” CAT5, DMX Microphone
0.430” 2.11” x 0.93” 12/3 SJOOW, #4 Stage, #6 Stage
0.540” 2.526” x 0.972”               #2 Stage, 12/3 SOOW
0.700” 2.66” x 1.21” 12/3 SOOW, #2 EISL
0.880” 2.93” x 1.49” 19Pin Ext, 4/0 Stage, 6/4 SO
1.100” 3.23” x 1.88” 4/0 Type W, 6/4 SO HMI Feeder
1.312” 2.87” x 1.93”                        5 Wire Banded Cams, 19 Pin Breakout            


Available in all prime colors, black and white. 

Leverage pre-printed and pre-encoded tags to simplify RFID tag and asset pairing (also known as commissioning) with TagMatiks. For ease of use, the same unique number is not only encoded into the RFID tag but also printed in human readable text and barcode formats (QR Code). Custom encoding and branding available at extra cost.

Radio Frequency Specifications

Air Protocol - ISO 18000-6C

Operating Frequency - 902-928 MHz FCC (EU version available, please contact sales)

IC Type - Impinj Monza R6-P

User Memory - 64 bit max

EPC Memory - 96 bit

Physical Specification

Attachment Method - cable tag holder, High-performance, acrylic adhesive, site applied epoxy

Barcode - QR Code

Operating Temperature -58° F to 185° F (-50° C to 85° C)

Tolerance -58° F to 365° F (-50° C to 185° C)

Tag Dimensions 1.43” x 0.43” x 0.11” (36.3mm X 10.9mm X 2.8mm)

Encoding Scheme - EPC (Class 1), Gen-2, 96 bit Hex, Bank Locked

Cable Tag Holder

I.D.   -  0.43" (10.92 mm)

Dimensions - 2.11” x 0.93” (53.59 x 23.62 mm)

Typically use in - 12/3 SJOOW, #4 Stage, #6 Stage (other sizes available, please contact sales

Integrated rope/string holder for easy securing of cables

Color – Black

Easy to assemble pack Includes

-          Shell (Holder Front & Back)

-          Spacer

-          (4) Screws

-          Cable RFID Tag with unique QR Code, human readable and EPC encoding.

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Product Information

  • Read distances of 15-18’ feet when mounted on insulated metal
  • Modest footprint of less than 0.60 in²
  • Rugged: tolerant of repeated exposure to high temperatures, vibration and impact
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    Additional Information

    Air Protocol:
    EPC Global Class1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
    902-928 MHz (EU version available, please contact sales)
    IC Type:
    Impinj M730
    EPC Size:
    up to 128 bits
    User Memory:
    TID Memory:
    96 bit
    Mount on insulated metal
    Attachment Method:
    High-performance, acrylic adhesive, site applied epoxy, cable tag holder
    Typical Read Range:
    4.5-6 Meters; 15-18 Feet
    Operating Temperatures:
    -50° C to 85° C (-58° F to 185° F)
    36.3mm X 10.9mm X 2.8mm; 1.43” x 0.43” x 0.11”
    1.6 g; 0.06 oz
    Download Data Sheet:
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