TagMatiks Autoclave Tolerant UHF RFID Tag - 1.43" x 0.43" x 0.06"

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The TagMatiks 3607 Autoclave Tolerant RFID Tag is a small footprint, low profile mount-on-metal tag that provides exemplary read range for a tag that is so thin. The tag is only 36mm (1.43”) long and 7mm (0.28”) wide and only 1.5mm (0.06”) thick, but delivers nearly 6 feet of read distance. Since it has such a low profile, it is unlikely to be dislodged by rough handling when applied to assets like weapons, hand tools and other metal surfaces. It is an excellent substitute for more expensive ceramic tags that are often used in these applications.

Standard on this tag is our core construction which provides a very high level of impact, vibration and temperature resistance. Internal testing has shown that the tag holds up to hundreds of autoclave cycles. The tag is also resistant to a very wide range of chemicals and has an ingress protection rating of 68. Like all TagMatiks products, the 3607 can easily be adapted for applications involving over-molding and over-spraying, or embedding in metal.

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Product Features

  • Read distances of 5-6 feet on metal surfaces.
  • Small footprint and low profile providing excellent performance-to-size ratio.
  • Rugged: tolerant of repeated exposure to high temperatures, vibration and impact.
  • Excellent performance when embedded in metal.
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    Additional Information

    EPC Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
    902-928 MHz
    Typical Read Range:
    1.5-2 Meters | 4-6 Feet
    IC Platform:
    Impinj R6-P
    EPC up to 128 bits, 96 bit TID and up to 32 bits of user memory
    36mm x 7mm x 1.5mm | 2mm at chip (1.43” x 0.28”x 0.06” | 0.08” at chip)
    Use Case:
    Mount on metal
    High performance acrylic adhesive (standard) or site applied epoxy
    1 gram
    Operating Temperature:
    -50˚C to +185˚C (-58˚F to +365˚F)
    IP Rating:
    Download Data Sheet:
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