RFID4U Sentry Autoclave UHF RFID Tag - 1.43" x 0.43" x 0.1"

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The Sentry Autoclave RFID Tag is a small footprint, mount on metal tag designed for tracking high value medical, laboratory and veterinary assets, or trays of assets that need to undergo autoclave sterilization processes. Incorporating specific designs that protect the chip-to-antenna bond, the Sentry Autoclave has proven durable for high cycle sterilization processes including high and low temperature autoclave, ethylene-oxide, chlorine-dioxide and peracetic acid. For example, the Sentry Autoclave tag has been demonstrated to survive more than 400 cycles of a typical autoclave cycle of 132°C (269°F) and 30psi without failure*.

At just 0.1” (2.54 mm) thick and 0.6 square inches (15.2 square mm), this slim profile tag delivers a 6 foot (1.8 m) read distance when attached to metal surfaces. When required, an autoclave tested film label and adhesive can be attached to the tag.

*The example cited has been reported from field use, the user is responsible for determining the appropriate sterilization procedure and testing protocols for each use case.

Sentry Autoclave RFID Tags are high performance, cost-effective and application-specific RFID tags that are based on printed circuit board platform. This well-established manufacturing process offers unsurpassed reliability and consistency in read range performance. At the core of the tag is a fiber-reinforced composite material that gives the Sentry tag its innate ruggedness. The innovative, patented tag design enables fast prototyping and affordable customization – essential to the expanding requirements of the RFID industry.  

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Product Features

  • Read range of 6 ft (1.8 m) on metal surfaces
  • High temperature tolerance for continuous exposure of up to 185°C (365°F)
  • High performance, autoclave tested acrylic adhesive
  • Tested to survive more than 400 cycles in autoclave
  • Low profile, small footprint, providing excellent performance-to-size ratio
  • Only 0.1 in. (2.54 mm) thick
  • Additional data storage: 96-bit EPC memory, plus 512-bit user memory
  • Autoclave tested film label
  • Available for US, EU and Worldwide UHF Frequencies
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Additional Information

EPC Gen2, ISO 18000-6c
Worldwide 860 - 960 MHz, USA 902 - 928 MHz, EU 865 - 868 MHz
Typical Read Range:
6 ft (1.8 m) at 36 dBm ERP
IC Platform:
Alien Technology Higgs 3
96-bit EPC, 512-bit User Memory
36.3 mm x 10.9 mm x 2.8 mm (1.43 in. x 0.43 in. x 0.1 in.)
Use Case:
Mount on metal
High Performance Acrylic Adhesive
2 grams (0.07 oz)
Operating Temperature:
-50˚C to +185˚C (-58˚F to +365˚F)
IP Rating:
Download Data Sheet:
https://rfid4ustore.com/content/data_sheet/RFID4U Sentry Autoclave Spec Sheet.pdf
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