RFID4U RFID Certification Training

RFID4U RFID Certification Training

RFID4U is the leader in RFID training. With un-matched expertise and two decades of business in the RFID Industry, we are happy to impart our knowledge to you and help you become a RFID professional. RFID technology is highly innovative and can completely change the way your business runs in a positive way. With the right knowledge of RFID, you can apply the best solution to your business and be sure to get the most out of your RFID hardware and software. 

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  • RFID Certification Training, RFIDCT-SFOBA

    RFID Certification Custom Training (Call to Schedule)


    This advanced, three-day training course with certification, featuring the latest equipment and relevant scenarios, provides a solid foundation for designing, installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of RFID systems for small to large...