Understanding the CSL CS108 Ordering Options

Understanding the CSL CS108 Ordering Options

The CSL CS108 UHF RFID Reader is a powerful, long-range RFID reader that delivers a high performance of RFID reads even in harsh, industrial environments. This is a great, simple-to-use RFID device that can take your solution to the next level, but first, you’ll need to understand how to select the correct ordering options!

As you will see on the CSL CS108 product page in RFID4USTORE, the first ordering option that must be selected is “Operating Region.” Governments regulate different frequency bands in different regions, which is why RFID readers, among other devices, must be tuned to the correct frequency. The CS108 is a multi-regional handheld RFID reader, so all you have to do is select the operating frequency where you will be using the reader. If you do not see your specific region under the ordering options, your location may still fall within one of the other categories. A simple Google search can help you determine what UHF frequency band is approved in your region.

The next option below “Operating Region” is “Polarization.” This may be confusing, as we typically associate polarization with antennas, but the CS108 actually has an antenna integrated into the reader. The polarization option you select will determine the radiation pattern of the antenna. If you select a linear option, you will be enabled with the long-range RFID features of the reader, giving you a read-range of up to 20 meters. In fact, even with the circular polarized antenna option, you will still get a long range of up to 15 meters, but the linear selections will always have a longer read range. Linear polarized antennas typically have a straight shooting pattern, meaning they are best used when the items you are scanning with your reader are all in a uniform location where the RFID tags will always be facing the reader. An example of this would be a warehouse setting. A circular polarized antenna is better used for applications that need a wider read-range, such as picking up tags off of a pallet of items.

Once you have selected your Operating Region and Polarization, the next step is to decide whether or not you would like to have a 2D barcode scanner module on your RFID device. The CSL108 comes with the option of a detachable barcode module, shown below. This module has connector pins in the back that make it very easy to install into your handheld reader. If you are slowly moving from barcode to RFID, or if you have a combination of barcode labeled and RFID tagged items you’d like to keep track of, it would be ideal for you to select the 2D Barcode option.

CS108 2D Barcode Module

That concludes the ordering options for the CS108 Reader. Below the ordering options, you will find optional accessory add-on options. For information on these options, please view our blog post titled CSL CS108 UHF RFID Reader Accessory Selection Guide.

If you would like assistance in determining which options you need to select for your CS108, please contact us!

Sep 4th 2019 Annelise McKay

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