The Zebra Ultra-Rugged FXR90 Fixed RFID Reader

The Zebra Ultra-Rugged FXR90 Fixed RFID Reader

Zebra FXR90 UHF RFID Reader

In today's fast-moving business world, keeping track of things like supplies and assets is really important. That's why RFID4U is excited to tell you about the Zebra FXR90 Ultra-Rugged Fixed RFID Reader. This amazing device is a big step forward in RFID technology. It's made to work really well even in tough situations, making sure that tracking things like assets and inventory is super accurate, even in really challenging places.

Industrial-grade Protection:

The Zebra FXR90 stands out because it has a strong defense against dirt and moisture—it's made with industrial-grade dual IP65/IP67 sealing. This makes it perfect for use in tough weather conditions. And to make it even more reliable, it comes with sealed M12 connectors, providing an extra layer of protection, ensuring the device works well even in extremely hot or cold temperatures.


One remarkable feature of the FXR90 is its outstanding performance. With the capability to achieve over 1,300 tag reads per second, this RFID reader drastically cuts down on cycle-counting time. Its enhanced receiver sensitivity ensures precise and dependable performance, even in dynamic and tough operational settings.

Streamlined Deployment:

Understanding the need for easy setup, Zebra Technologies has included Bluetooth® 5.3 in the FXR90. This feature makes it simple to configure and manage a group of readers wirelessly, connecting seamlessly to Android™ or Windows devices. This makes the setup process easy and flexible, offering convenience in managing RFID readers.


In a business world where staying ahead with future technology is vital, the FXR90 truly shines. It guarantees unparalleled connectivity with its integrated 5G, GPS, and CBRS features, making it versatile for use both inside and outside any facility. This forward-thinking design positions the FXR90 as a lasting solution for the ever-changing needs of businesses.


The Zebra FXR90 caters to a diverse range of industries and applications, including:

Logistics and Warehousing:

Baggage Tracking

Parcel Shipment and Loading

Cold Chain

Vehicle Identification


Work in Process (WIP) Tracking

Raw Materials Inventory


Asset Tracking

Personnel/Vehicle Control

Key Features:

The FXR90 sets itself apart with key features that include:

  • Industrial-grade IP65/IP67 sealing for extreme weather.
  • Extended operating temperature range for indoor and outdoor tracking.
  • Industry-leading 1,300+ tag reads per second for rapid inventory counting.
  • Rugged, sealed M12 connectors and higher receiver sensitivity for reliable, accurate performance.

Connectivity and Flexibility:

The FXR90 comes with versatile connectivity options, such as a built-in RFID antenna, Wi-Fi 6 capability, integrated Bluetooth 5.3 wireless, multiple antenna port configurations, and built-in 5G and CBRS. These capabilities give businesses an expanded read zone and the capability to handle and transmit data from anywhere, extending beyond the boundaries of facility walls.

Zebra FXR90 UHF RFID Readers

Real-time Data Driven Decisions:

By incorporating IoT Connector, the FXR90 supports making real-time data-driven decisions, offering contemporary and secure protocols for transmitting data. This feature boosts the overall efficiency and responsiveness of businesses in the fast-paced and dynamic market of today.


Zebra Technologies is raising the bar yet again with the launch of the FXR90 Ultra-Rugged Fixed RFID Reader. Engineered for unwavering reliability, top-notch performance, and adaptability to future needs, the FXR90 is set to transform how assets are tracked and inventory is managed in diverse industries. As businesses seek efficiency and adaptability, the FXR90 stands out as a trustworthy ally, ensuring the smooth flow of supply chains and accurate tracking of assets, even in the toughest conditions.

Jan 18th 2024

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