Impinj Fixed RFID Reader Portfolio Overview

Impinj Fixed RFID Reader Portfolio Overview

Impinj RFID is a class-leading manufacturer of hardware in the RFID industry. They provide an extensive range of RFID readers that can be applied to different use cases. RFID4Ustore is proud to offer a wide selection of Impinj RFID readers, which we will discuss here.

The following Impinj Fixed RFID readers are available through RFID4Ustore:

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Impinj Speedway Revolution

The Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID Readers are high performance UHF RFID compliant fixed RFID readers that can be used in a variety of verticals. These fixed RFID readers are compact, with a square design that can be easily mounted on a ceiling, above a door, or anywhere you need to create a contiguous RFID read zone.

Speedway Revolution RFID Readers have capabilities such as the ability to sense RF “noise” and interference levels, meaning they can automatically readjust their reader configuration settings to provide the best performance in data collection.

Speedway Revolution RFID Readers come in three form factors, shown below. You can choose between the Speedway R120, which has one antenna port, the R220, which has two antenna ports, and the Speedway R420, which has four antenna ports. The form factor you choose will decide how many RFID antennas you are able to include in your installation, unless a multiplexor is purchased to provide additional antenna connectivity. For more information on this, please view our blog post, “The value of the Impinj Multiplexor for the Impinj Speedway readers.”

Impinj Speedway R120            Impinj Speedway R220                  Impinj Speedway R420

If this reader looks right for you and you are just starting your RFID project, there is also the option to purchase the Speedway R420 in a development kit called the Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID Reader R420 Eval. Kit (IPJ-DREV420).

Impinj xArray

The Impinj xArray R680 RFID Reader is a fixed RFID reader with an integrated 52-beam array antenna. This means that a single xArray can provide wide area monitoring on large locations that a standard fixed RFID reader would not reach. The xArray is ideal for environments where the RFID tagged items are spread across a large expansion of space, such as a large warehouse or facility. One xArray can monitor an area of up to 1,500 square feet. Coverage can be expanded with additional xArray or xSPAN readers.

Features of the xArray:

  • Intelligent item locating with 5 ft. (1.5m) or better spatial resolution of (x,y) location.
  • Patented Autopilot functionality automatically optimizes the xArray for its environment, ensuring peak performance at all times.
  • Unique functionality with defined operating modes: Wide-area monitoring for tracking overall tag inventory; Locationing for obtaining tag x,y location; and Tag Direction for tracking tags moving through sectors.
  • Exceptional performance provided by 2-D array with 52 dual-polarized antenna beams.
  • Easy to use and maintain with IEEE 803.2af PoE, tilt sensor to detect when out of alignment.
  • Easy programming using Octane SDK, LLRP and Impinj extensions.

The form factor of the xArray, shown below, is a slim, low-profile design that can fit easily into a standard ceiling tile grid and blends in well with most environments.

Impinj xArray R680 RFID reader

Impinj xSPAN

The Impinj xSPAN is a fixed RFID reader that provides large area monitoring and is constantly collecting data from RFID tags within its range. It has an integrated RFID antenna with 13 dual-polarized beams and 3 sectors. This reader can detect RFID tagged items within an area of up to 1,000 square feet. Coverage can be expanded with the use of additional xSPAN or xArray readers. The reader also provides item movement detection, which can help with loss-prevention. This reader is best used in industries such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing applications where a high volume of assets need to be monitored continuously.

Features of the xSPAN:

  • The xSPAN provides always-on wide-area monitoring, meaning it will consistently track your RFID tagged inventory and provide you with real-time visibility on all of your assets.
  • The xSPAN empowers loss prevention systems by providing exit detection. If an RFID tagged item leaves the facility, the xSPAN will register that movement.
  • Patented autopilot functionality ensures that the xSPAN is always automatically adjusting the reader configuration settings to provide the best performance.

The Impinj xSPAN R660 RFID Reader, shown below, is a lightweight and low-profile piece of hardware that can be installed easily onto a ceiling or wall.

Impinj R660 xSPAN RFID Reader

Impinj xPortal

The Impinj xPortal Fixed UHF RFID Gateway Reader is designed to create an RFID read zone within a door frame, entrance, or exit, allowing the user to capture the presence of incoming or outgoing RFID tagged items automatically. With an integrated RFID antenna and two antenna beams for dense reader monitoring, the xPortal is able to cover an area of up to 700 square feet. Coverage can be extended with additional Impinj Gateway Readers (xArray, xSPAN). The xPortal is best used in applications such as asset tracking, industrial automation, and supply chain management.

Features of the xPortal:

  • The xPortal provides continuous monitoring of an area of up to 700 square feet.
  • DLPA Antenna technology enables the xPortal with two dynamically monitored read zones to create dense choke points that will identify RFID tagged items as they pass through.

The Impinj xPortal, shown below, comes in a low-profile design, making it easy to create an RFID choke point that is unobtrusive to the environment. Because it is so lightweight and compact, installation to a wall or ceiling is extremely easy.

Impinj xPortal R640 RFID Reader

For assistance in selecting the right Impinj RFID Reader for your RFID application, feel free to reach out to us!

Aug 7th 2019 Annelise McKay

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