Impinj xArray RFID reader R680

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  • Impinj xArray RFID reader R680 (IPJ-REV-R680)
  • Impinj xArray RFID reader R680 (IPJ-REV-R680)
  • Impinj xArray RFID reader R680 (IPJ-REV-R680)
  • Impinj xArray RFID reader R680 (IPJ-REV-R680)
  • Impinj xArray RFID reader R680 (IPJ-REV-R680)
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The xArray gateway RFID Reader is a fixed infrastructure RFID reader system that provides always-on, wide-area monitoring of RAIN RFID tagged items within a facility or across a global supply chain. Designed for large-scale item-level applications in retail, healthcare and manufacturing, the xArray gateway RFID Reader provides real-time Item Intelligence events including identity, location, and authenticity of each item.

A single xArray can monitor up to 1,500 sq. ft. (139m2). When Monza R6 based tags are used, coverage can be extended with multiple xArrays.

Intelligent item locating with 5 ft. (1.5m) or better spatial resolution of (x,y) location.

Low profile design fits into standard ceiling tile grid and blends into the interior.


Features & Benefits:

2D array antenna technology: Impinj R680 provides highly accurate and directional tag read data.

Real-time location tracking: Impinj R680 accurately locates and tracks individual RFID tags in real time.

Advanced filtering and signal processing: Reliably differentiates between tags that are close together or in motion, reducing the likelihood of false reads or data errors.

Scalability: Designed to be highly modular and easily integrated with existing systems.

High read rates: Can read up to 1,500 tags per second.

Wide coverage area: Can cover up to 1,500 square feet.

Multi-protocol support: Supports EPCglobal UHF RFID Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-63. RFID protocols.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) support: Allows for easy installation and reduces the need for additional power sources.


Ordering Options:

  • IPJ-REV-R680-USA1M1 - xArray (USA)
  • IPJ-REV-R680-EU11M1 - xArray (ETSI)
  • IPJ-REV-R680-EU21M1 - xArray (ETSI 915-921 MHz)
  • IPJ-REV-R680-GX11M1 - xArray (GX1)
  • IPJ-REV-R680-GX21M1 - xArray (GX2)
  • IPJ-REV-R680-GX31M1 - xArray (GX3)
  • IPJ-REV-R680-JP21M1 - xArray (JP2)

Accessories Options:

What is the read range of the Impinj xArray R680?

The Impinj xArray R680 has a read range of up to 30 ft, depending on the environment and the type of RFID tag being used.

What kind of RFID tags can the Impinj xArray R680 read?

The Impinj xArray R680 can read EPC Gen 2 RFID tags and other UHF RFID tags that are compatible with the ISO 18000-6C standard.

What is the purpose of the 2D array antenna technology?

The 2D array antenna technology used by the Impinj xArray R680 allows for real-time location and motion detection of RFID tags, providing greater visibility into inventory and asset management.

What kind of applications is the Impinj xArray R680 suitable for?

The Impinj xArray R680 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including inventory management, asset tracking, supply chain management, and retail.

What is the power consumption of the Impinj xArray R680?

The Impinj xArray R680 consumes up to Idle 7 W, Typical 13.8 W power.

Does the Impinj xArray R680 require a separate antenna?

No, the Impinj xArray R680 comes with integrated phased array antennas.

Can the Impinj xArray R680 be used in outdoor environments?

Yes, the Impinj xArray R680 is designed to operate in both indoor and outdoor environments.

What kind of data interfaces does the Impinj xArray R680 support?

The Impinj xArray R680 supports Ethernet and USB interfaces.



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Product Information

  • Exceptional performance provided by 2D array with 52 dual-polarized antenna beams
  • Easy to use and maintain with IEEE 803.2af PoE and tilt sensor to detect when out of alignment
  • Easy programming using Octane SDK, LLRP and Impinj extensions
  • Reader software optimizations accommodate large numbers of tags that are read repeatedly without compromising performance

What is included in the package:
  • Impinj xArray Unit
  • Universal Power Supply sold separately.
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Additional Information

Air Protocol:
GS1/EPCglobal UHF Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C) or RAIN RFID
902 - 928 MHz
Transmit Power:
+10.0 to +31.5 dBm (PoE), +10.0 to +32.5 dBm (Listed/Certified universal power supply)
Maximum Receive Sensitivity:
-82 dBm
10/100BASE-T auto-negotiate (full/half) with auto-sensing MDI/MDX for auto-crossover (RJ-45), USB 1.1 Device (Type B) and Host (Type A) ports, USB Virtual COM Serial Port and USB drive support for embedded applications
Power Supply:
Impinj Universal Power Supply and Power Cord (purchase separately)
18 in H x 18 in W x 2.5 in D (45.7 x 45.7 x 6.35 cm)
15.5 lbs (7.03 kg)
1 year limited warranty with purchase, option to extend
Download Data Sheet:
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