How TagMatiks Print Manager Can be Used to Simplify Your RFID Label Printing

How TagMatiks Print Manager Can be Used to Simplify Your RFID Label Printing

RFID technology has revolutionized inventory management, supply chain logistics, and asset tracking. However, the initial setup tagging, and labeling products can be a daunting task. Enter TagMatiks Print Manager (PM), a solution designed to simplify the printing and encoding of RFID labels. In this blog, we'll explore how TagMatiks PM can streamline your RFID project, from setup to management, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Why Choose TagMatiks PM?

Simplicity and Scalability

TagMatiks PM is designed with ease of use in mind. The setup process is straightforward, allowing you to start small and scale up as your RFID needs grow. This flexibility is crucial for businesses just beginning to explore RFID technology, as well as for those looking to expand their current RFID systems.

Data Management

Managing data for RFID labeling can be complex. TagMatiks PM simplifies this by allowing you to create product lists, making it easy to manage printing labels for various use cases or product types. This centralized data management ensures consistency and accuracy in your labeling process.


With TagMatiks PM, you can manage multiple RFID printers and load printer templates for use during the printing process. This configurability means you can tailor the system to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your RFID labeling process is efficient and tailored to your operational requirements.

Serialization Management

One of the critical aspects of RFID tagging is ensuring that each tag is unique. TagMatiks PM provides robust serialization management, preventing duplication of RFID item numbers. This feature is essential for maintaining the integrity of your inventory system and avoiding conflicts or errors.

Key Features of TagMatiks PM

Print RFID Labels

TagMatiks PM supports both individual and bulk printing and encoding of RFID labels. Whether you need to print a single label or thousands, TagMatiks PM has you covered. The ability to print and encode labels individually provides precise control, while bulk processing significantly speeds up the tagging process for large batches.

Inventory with TagMatiks Wedge

Once your labels are printed and encoded, you can use TagMatiks Wedge to verify the items. This tool helps ensure that each item is correctly tagged and that your inventory data is accurate. The integration between TagMatiks PM and Wedge creates a seamless workflow from printing to inventory verification.

Reconcile the Results

After printing and inventory verification, TagMatiks PM allows you to reconcile the results. This feature ensures that any discrepancies are identified and addressed promptly, maintaining the accuracy and reliability of your RFID system.

Role-Based Access Control

TagMatiks PM offers robust role-based access control, allowing the creation of multiple users with distinct roles and permissions. A super admin can define various roles and assign specific permissions to each user, ensuring that users have appropriate access based on their responsibilities. This control mechanism enhances security and ensures that each user can only access the features necessary for their own role.

Managing Multiple Companies and Products

With the help of TagMatiks PM, users can manage different companies, each within a company prefix. For each company, users can create and maintain a variety of products, each with unique identifiers and GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). This capability is particularly useful for businesses managing multiple product lines or operating in different markets.

Bulk Processing

One of the standout features of TagMatiks PM is its support for bulk encoding and printing. Users can import a file containing tag data details such as the Electronic Product Code (EPC), GTIN, serial numbers, and product descriptions. This bulk processing capability significantly streamlines the tagging process, especially for large volumes of products, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

Cloud service

TagMatiks Print Manager, as a cloud-based application, offers significant advantages for businesses seeking efficient and scalable printing solutions. By leveraging cloud technology, it ensures seamless access and management from anywhere, providing flexibility and ease of use that on-premises solutions often lack.


TagMatiks Print Manager is an essential tool for businesses looking to implement or enhance their RFID systems. Its user-friendly setup, robust data management, and flexible printing options make it an ideal solution for simplifying the RFID tagging process. Whether you are starting with a small project or scaling up to handle large volumes, TagMatiks PM provides the features and capabilities needed to ensure your RFID project is successful and efficient.

Simplify your RFID tagging and labeling with TagMatiks Print Manager and take your RFID project forward with confidence and ease.

May 30th 2024

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