CS710S Accessories guide

CS710S Accessories guide

The CSL CS710S is a Long-Range UHF RAIN RFID handheld sled reader. Re-engineered to use the new reader chip Impinj E710, this Bluetooth (BLE) connected reader has a read range of 20 meters with a Linear Polarized Antenna (tag and environment dependent), a Read Rate of 1,300 tags per second, enabled by Bluetooth 5.0 for faster data connections to devices.

CS710S is available with Vertically linear polarized - Horizontally linear polarized - Circular polarized and 2D barcode scanner module.


(V for vertically linear polarized, H for horizontally linear polarized, C for circular polarized, 2D means with 2D Barcode option, N denotes the frequency region)

There are quite a few accessories available for the CSL CS710S that will allow you to expand the use of your RFID device.

CS108D - Charging Cradle

CSL CS710 Charging Cradle