Caen Temperature Logger RFID Tags

Caen Temperature Logger RFID Tags

RFID tags come in a wide variety of form factors, shapes, sizes, and frequencies. Not all tags will perform the same tasks. Some RFID tags are specifically designed for a specialty purpose, such as the Caen Temperature Logger Tags.

The following Caen Temperature Logger Tags are available in RFID4UStore:

These tags have a very specific purpose: to track the temperature of the items they are assigned to. This can help people in a wide variety of verticals, such as the healthcare and food industries. Temperature logger tags enable the user to ensure that if an item falls below or above a certain temperature, they can be notified of this. This can be extremely helpful in making sure certain perishable foods or pharmaceuticals do not spoil during transportation or storage.

Examples of items that can be tracked with Temperature Logger Tags are:

  • Fresh food
  • Seafood
  • Meat and poultry
  • Milk-based products
  • Frozen food
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals

Caen Temperature Logger Tags are not like typical passive RFID tags. They are semi-passive, meaning that they contain an internal battery that allows them to perform their designated task.

Caen Temperature Logger Tags are also very easy to use. They can be used with any UHF RFID reader on the market and do not require any additional equipment since they are EPCGlobal C1G2 and ISO18000-6C compliant. Simply activate the tag either by pressing a button or using standard RFID commands.

When choosing a temperature logger tag, you can choose between one that has an external probe, which is helpful when monitoring the temperature of items inside a room such as a fridge, and one that only has an internal temperature probe.

In addition to the external probes, the tags have a couple different form factors, shown below.

Caen UHF RFID Temperature Logger Tags with External Probe

Caen UHF RFID Temperature Logger Tags without External Probe

If you think your use case may benefit from Caen Temperature Logger Tags, but you aren’t quite sure, feel free to contact us and we will help you out!

Aug 9th 2019 Annelise McKay

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