Evaluation Board (WRHML37XEVBX) for R1271C, R3100C, R7100C and R9100C

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The RHML37XEVBX Evaluation Board enables quick evaluation and development with Hadron mini R1271C, Lepton3 R3100C, Lepton7 R7100C and Lepton9 R9100C. It provides an easy way to communicate with the readers via USB-UART or an arbitrary UART host and provides easy access to the inputs and outputs of the device.


The WRHML37XEVBX evaluation board is basically a “breakout board” that allows easy access to the connections of the Hadronmini R1271C, Lepton3 R3100C, Lepton7 R7100C and Lepton9 R9100C.. modules. The board is designed to roughly conform to the Raspberry Pi “HAT” form factor, meaning it can be plugged directly into the IO port of a Raspberry Pi single board computer, and be powered by and communicate with the Pi. It can also be used as a USB peripheral to a desktop computer or connected to an arbitrary host device and power supply.


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Additional Information

Digital I/O:
Four I/O lines 5V out @ 3mA, 5V input
USB Port:
USB micro female connector USB 2.0 device It appears as dual Virtual COM Port device; drivers for all Windows OS
DC power port via USB Port:
USB micro female connector
External antenna connector:
SMA jack
Raspberry PI interface:
HAT connector
Current consumption:
1.5A max. (with reader module)
Electrical Power:
DC Voltage 5V +/-5%
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