CSL RFID Antennas

CSL RFID Antennas

CSL RFID Antennas come in a wide variety of form factors, frequencies, and bandwidths to fit the needs of your RFID business application. CSL RFID Antennas can be used in a myriad of RFID applications, from near-field to long-range. Their variety of form factors makes them highly versatile for fitting into a number of different RFID installments, such as the CSL Ultra-thin Antenna, which can be seamlessly integrated onto a wall or ceiling mount for creating a low-profile RFID read zone. 

If you do not see the CSL RFID Antenna you need, or for assistance deciding which CSL RFID Antenna is right for you, please contact us!

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  • CSL CS776 Thin RFID Antenna (CS776-CT) CSL CS776 Thin RFID Antenna (CS776-CT)

    CSL CS776 Thin RFID Antenna


    CS776 Thin antenna is a powerful monostatic antenna for ultra-long-range high sensitivity tag reading. The antenna has industrial leading circular polarization properties to enable the best read of tags of all orientation as they approach the...
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