Chainway R5 Wearable RFID Reader

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  •  Chainway R5 Wearable RFID Reader (R5)
  •  Chainway R5 Wearable RFID Reader (R5)
  •  Chainway R5 Wearable RFID Reader (R5)
  •  Chainway R5 Wearable RFID Reader (R5)
  •  Chainway R5 Wearable RFID Reader (R5)
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Introducing the Chainway R5, a cutting-edge wearable UHF reader designed for various applications. With its embedded Impinj E710 / R2000, it delivers an impressive read distance of over 14 meters, ensuring optimal performance. Through Bluetooth connectivity and coordination with an intuitive mobile app, users can easily interact with information and manage data effectively. Moreover, the R5 can be seamlessly paired with Android and iOS devices, expanding the RFID capabilities and providing users with greater flexibility. Whether it's warehousing, power inspection, asset management, or retail, the Chainway R5 empowers users to complete tasks efficiently, making it an ideal choice for numerous industries.


Features and Benefits: -

  • Wearable and Detachable
  • Support Android/iOS
  • 2000mAh Removable Battery
  • UHF RFID (Impinj E710/R2000 Chip)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0


  • Retail
  • Apparel
  • Warehouse
  • Logistics
  • NFC pay
  • Asset management
  • Order picking
  • Library applications

Accessories Options:-

  • PWR-R5-5V2A-CN - Adapter CN
  • PWR-R5-5V2A-EU - Adapter EU
  • PWR-R5-5V2A-UK - Adapter UK
  • PWR-R5-5V2A-US - Adapter US
  • DC-BK-TypeC - USB Cable
  • BTRY-R5-20MA - Battery
  • RB-R5-WS - Wrist Strap (Optional)
  • RB-R5-MS - Magnetic Pad (Optional)
  • CRD-R5-MBC - Charging Cradles & Adapters (Optional)

FAQs: -

What is the read distance of Chainway R5?

Chainway R5 offers an impressive read distance of over 14 meters depending on tag and environment.

How does Chainway R5 facilitate user information interaction?

Chainway R5 enables user information interaction through Bluetooth connectivity. By coordinating with a dedicated mobile app, users can conveniently interact with the collected RFID data and perform various operations such as data processing, inventory management, and asset tracking.

Can Chainway R5 be paired with Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Chainway R5 can be paired with Android and iOS devices, expanding its RFID capabilities. This compatibility allows users to leverage the functionalities of their smartphones or tablets while utilizing the R5 for RFID data collection and processing.

What are the connectivity options available with Chainway R5?

Chainway R5 supports Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless communication with other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. This wireless connectivity facilitates data transfer, synchronization, and real-time interaction with RFID data.

Are there any additional accessories available for Chainway R5?

Chainway offers optional accessories to enhance the functionality and usability of the R5, including wearable straps, holsters, charging cradles, and spare batteries. These accessories provide added convenience and customization options to meet specific user needs.

How can the Chainway R5 be worn?

It can be worn in the following ways:

Wrist: The most common method is to wear the R5 on the wrist using the (RB-R5-WS) wearable strap.Simply fasten the strap securely around your wrist, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

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Additional Information

CM710-1 module based on Impinj E710
920-925 MHz / 902-928 MHz / 865-868 MHz
EPC C1 GEN2 / ISO18000-6C
Circular Polarized Antenna (3dBic)
Fastest Read Rate:
900+ tags/sec
(BLE) 5.0, USB connection to realize data transfer
download data sheet:
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