AsReader ASA-014C Magconn USB Charging Cable

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Replacement Magconn USB Charging Cable - charge your dock or external battery with this cable. It is included with the docks and jackets. 

All AsReader barcode and RFID readers have a built-in Magconn magnetic charging system.

Simply drop the reader on a Magconn charging stand with the magnetic connector and you are able to charge the integrated reader (both the smart device battery and the AsReader battery) simultaneously. There are no USB cords to plug-in or jacks that could break.

A Magconn cable is included with each reader. The Magconn dock charging stand is available for an extra charge. You may use either one to charge both batteries simultaneously.

For example, if you were to use a 2 amp charger with the Magconn USB cable, our Dock will automatically send 1 amp to charge the Dock and 1 amp to charge the smart device until one or the other is full — and then it sends the full 2 amps only to the device still needing a charge.

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