The Value of the Impinj Multiplexor for RAIN RFID Readers

The Value of the Impinj Multiplexor for RAIN RFID Readers

You most likely are deploying an RFID solution to save your business costs, so of course you want RFID hardware that gets you the maximum bang for your buck. For this reason, the Impinj Speedway RFID Reader is an ideal way to get a fixed reader RFID solution that provides the highest amount of performance for the lowest amount of investment.

Why? Because of the Impinj Multiplexor System, which consists of the Impinj Speedway Antenna Hub and the Impinj GPIO Adapter, shown below.

Impinj Speedway Antenna Hub                              Impinj GPIO Adapter

The Impinj Multiplexor System is a great way to ensure your ROI for three key reasons:

  1. The Speedway Reader can give you the highest amount of coverage possible from a single standard fixed RFID reader with the Impinj Multiplexor System.
  2. The Impinj Multiplexor System can save the user thousands of dollars in hardware costs.
  3. The Impinj Multiplexor System provides the user with one of the easiest fixed reader RFID solution deployments available.

Typical use cases that can benefit the most from the Impinj Multiplexor System include:

  • Inventory management in large warehouses
  • Item tracking in large facilities
  • Real-time visibility in manufacturing
  • Equipment monitoring in hospitals
  • Asset tracking in office buildings
  • Any application requiring an expansive area of coverage

High Coverage

The Impinj Multiplexor can provide a single Speedway R420 Revolution RFID Reader with connectivity to up to 32 RFID Antennas. This volume of connectivity is practically unheard of with a typical fixed RFID reader, which usually connects to somewhere between 2-8 antennas. With the ability to connect 32 antennas, the Speedway R420 can achieve levels of RFID read range far beyond what a single fixed RFID reader can do.

The Impinj Multiplexor System enables the user with the highest amount of coverage for the lowest amount of cost.

Low Cost

The reason this is so cost-effective is because this amount of coverage is typically obtained by installing several RFID readers with a few antennas connected to each reader. RFID readers are typically much more expensive than RFID antennas, so it follows that purchasing several RFID readers would run up your total cost faster than purchasing several RFID antennas. Being able to use a single RFID reader with several antennas can save thousands of dollars in hardware expenses.

So now you know a bit about what the Impinj Multiplexor System is and how it can save you money. The next important piece of knowledge is to know how to deploy this system.

Simple Deployment

Installing an RFID system takes time. One must learn how to properly connect the cables, where to place the hardware to achieve the best performance, how to configure the settings on the reader, etc. While it is true there is a learning curve to installing an RFID system, this does not have to slow down your RFID project to a point where it impacts productivity. There are ways to deploy a system easily and quickly so that you can spend time learning and understanding how the RFID solution will work with your process rather than spending all your time programming a bunch of RFID readers.

Some RFID systems with expansive coverage require several RFID readers to achieve the end goals. This is not the case with the Speedway Reader. With a single Speedway Reader, 32 antennas can be easily connected and distributed around the space in which the reads will be conducted. These antennas can all be controlled easily through the reader. With the Impinj Multiplexor System, you are able to create one single system of vast RFID coverage, rather than attempting to balance a number of systems.

Take a look at the chart below for an example of how the Impinj Multiplexor System, composed of the Impinj Speedway Antenna Hub and Impinj GPIO Box, works.

Connecting the Impinj Multiplexor System to a Speedway RFID Reader

For more information on how the Impinj Multiplexor and Speedway RFID Reader works, please contact us!

Aug 22nd 2019 Annelise McKay

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