Checklist – Questions to Ask When Selecting an RFID Tag

Checklist – Questions to Ask When Selecting an RFID Tag

Selecting an appropriate RFID Tag is one of the most important steps when getting started with an RFID project. To help with that process, we’ve outlined 24 questions you can ask yourself to make you are picking the right one

  1. What is the footprint (size) available to attach the RFID Tag to the associated item?
  2. What will be the method to attach the RFID tag? (Embed, Adhesive, Rivet, Solder, Zip tie, etc.)
  3. Where on the object will the RFID tag be attached?
  4. How far away do you need to be able to read the tag?
  5. Will the tag be passive, active, semi-passive?
  6. What frequency will the tag operate? (Could be multiple)
  7. What standards will the tag support?
  8. What environment will the tag be exposed to? (high / low temperature, humidity, moisture, etc.)?
  9. Is there existing labeling that will replaced with the RFID tag?
  10. What data needs to be encoded inside of the RFID Tag?
  11. Will the tagged item have any metal or water content? (For example, a special, on metal RFID tag may be used)
  12. Will the tags be re-usable or one time use?
  13. Will the RFID tags be pre-printed / pre-encoded or will they be printed / encoded on site?
  14. Will the RFID tags be printed through a printer?
  15. Will the RFID tags be updated throughout their lifecycle or will they be locked after initial commissioning?
  16. What is the cost of the RFID tag based on the expected project volume?
  17. At what point of time will the RFID tag be attached to the item?
  18. What is the cost of attaching the RFID tag to the item?
  19. Will the RFID tag be used in a single world region or globally?
  20. Does the RFID tag need to support any on board sensors (temperature, moisture, etc.)
  21. Will the RFID tag need to support any value add functionalities such as electronic article surveillance (EAS), removed flag, etc.?
  22. Will the tag need to be protected in any way to provide additional durability? (such as PET layering, ceramic / plastic encapsulation)
  23. What kind of RFID Reader will be used to read the tag? (Sometimes different readers may lead to different read ranges so that may drive your RFID tag selection) 
  24.  What form factor will the RFID tag be? (Label, Inlay, Flag Tag, Encapsulated Tag, etc.)

If you need assistance choosing an RFID tag for your project, feel free to contact us

Jan 13th 2020 Archit Dua

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