10 Things to Check for When Installing a Fixed RFID Reader System

10 Things to Check for When Installing a Fixed RFID Reader System

When deploying a traditional fixed RFID Reader System, there are usually a various activities that you go through before you get to the installation step. Just to list a couple:

  • RFID tag, hardware and software selection
  • Site survey and workflow analysis
  • Proof of concept testing
  • System design
  • Procurement

However, at the time of installation, it’s a great idea to check the following to make your installation as smooth as possible:

  1. Only connect / disconnect an RFID antenna to an RFID reader when the device is powered off .
  2. Angle the antennas to increase the dwell time (the time tag spends in the read zone when traveling through).
  3. Install antennas with an adjustable swivel mount for adjustment of the antenna height and angle to modify the read zone.
  4. Sure that RF cable connectors are tight!
  5. Protect the RFID readers and antennas so they don’t get bumped, moved or damaged.
  6. Ensure that LED’s and visual indicators on the RFID device are easily visible. This is important to be able to visually verify status lights.
  7. When mounting RFID readers, ensure that there is enough spacing so that cables can be easily added or removed later on.
  8. Cable lengths from one reader to pairs of antennas should be equal (to ensure that the attenuation is equal).
  9. Visually inspect the installed AC outlets and Ethernet cable runs.
  10. Check functions of I/O devices and their correct placement.

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Jan 27th 2020 Archit Dua

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