Zebra PolyPro 3000T 2.25" x 2.25" Specialty TT RFID Labels 10026456 (White, 2 Rolls)

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Specification Overview: Size: 2.25" x 2.25", Inlay: Laxcen H47, Antenna/Chip: Monza 4QT, Material: PolyPro 3000T 

Specialty RFID Labels: For use with Overhead Readers The following omni-directional, dual-dipole RFID labels are optimized for use with overhead readers.  Due to the many variables that can affect read range, we recommend testing in your environment to determine which label works best in your application.

For use with Zebra's ZE500RRXi4ZT400R, and ZT600R

*Part numbers less than 2" width will not work in the ZT420R and ZT620R printers due to minimum length specs.

Thermal Transfer RFID Labels - pair with Zebra's 2000 wax or 3200 wax/resin ribbon

Ordering Options: 

  • 10026456 - 1 case (1000 labels) with 2 rolls (500 labels/ roll) 
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Additional Information

Laxcen H47
Monza 4QT
PolyPro 3000T
for use with overhead readers
Compatible Printers:
ZD500R, RXi4, ZT400R and ZT600R
2.25" x 2.25"
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