Vizinex Sentry 2607 RFID Tag

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The Sentry 2607 is a small footprint, mount on metal tag that provides the read range and low profile desired for use on small tools, weapons and industrial assets.

The tag is only 26mm (.93”) long and 7mm (.27”) wide, it delivers a 5 – 6 foot read distance depending on the item being tagged. Its low profile, only 1.5mm thick, makes it particularly difficult to dislodge, and a good tag for assets that experience rough handling in the field like hand tools, weapons and measuring apparatus.

Standard on this tag is the ViziCore construction which provides added impact and temperature resistance for use in tough environments. And, like all Sentry products, the 2607 can easily be adapted for applications involving overmolding, overspraying, embedding in metal or composites or repetitive high temperature exposure, such as Autoclave service.

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Product Information

  • Read distances of 5-6 feet on metal surfaces
  • Small footprint and low profile providing excellent performance-to-size ratio
  • Rugged: tolerant of repeated exposure to high temperatures, vibration, and impact
  • Excellent performance when embedded in metal
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    Additional Information

    902-928 MHz or 856-868 MHz
    IC Type:
    Impinj R6-P
    EPC up to 128 bits, 96 bit TID and up to 64 bits of user memory
    Typical Read Range:
    1.5-2 Meters, 4-6 Feet
    Attachment Method:
    High performance acrylic adhesive (standard) or site applied epoxy
    On metal
    Operating Temperature:
    -50° C to 85° C (-58° F to 185° F)
    26mm x 7mm x 1.5mm (2mm at chip) .93” x .27” x .05” (.07” at chip)
    1 Gram
    Download Data Sheet: Sentry 2607 RFID Tag Datasheet.pdf
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