Fixed RFID Readers

Fixed RFID Readers

Our selection of fixed RFID readers includes products from all the major RFID manufacturers as well as specialty products. In this category we are also featuring readers embedded within portals (such as xPortal from Impinj or RFID Gate from CAEN) or desktop readers.

 When selecting the right fixed RFID reader for your application, please consider:

  1. Number of antenna ports (1-16)
  2. Type of network connections (Ethernet, Serial, USB, Wi-Fi)
  3. Type of power (Power Supply, Power-Over-Ethernet POE)
  4. Region (USA, EU, specific country)
  5. Size and mounting
  6. Ruggedness and IP rating

To find out more about RFID readers, please review information about RFID Interrogation Zones

Please note that some manufacturers do not include power supply and power cord with the reader (this is often due to regional differences in the power cord plug) and these must be purchased separately. Review carefully “What is included in the package” section in Product Features.

  • Alien F800 Reader Kit


    Alien F800 Reader Kit

    Alien F800 reader kit is suitable for someone planning to evaluate or develop a solution with the reader, who requires a power source to power the reader. Good for working on a lab bench. Alien ALR-F800 is a best in class, self-optimizing Enterprise...
  • ThingMagic USB Plus RFID Reader


    ThingMagic USB Plus+ RFID Reader

    $445 - $645
    ThingMagic USB Plus+ RFID Reader is ideal for applications that require reading and writing of EPC Global Gen2 tags. The reader is well suited to be placed on a desk or workstation and in areas where space is limited.The read range is software...
    $445 - $645
  • CSL CS469 4-Port RFID Reader


    CSL 4-Port RFID Reader CS469

    CS469 4-Port Reader is an Ethernet POE connected reader with long read range (12 meters with Dogbone tags from Smartrac) and high read rate (300 tags per second). High performance level, combined with affordable price, makes the CS469 the best total cost...
  • CSL CS468INT 16-Port RFID Reader


    CSL 16-Port RFID Reader CS468INT

    CS468INT 16-Port Reader is the derivative of CS468 with integrated upper and lower body to give 3dB higher output power. CS468INT 16-Port Reader is an Ethernet POE connected UHF EPC C1 G2 RFID reader that contains 16 ports to connect to antennas that...
  • TSL 1126 Desktop UHF RFID Reader with USB 1126-02-DTR-UHF


    TSL 1126 Desktop UHF RFID Reader with USB (US)

    TSL 1126 desktop UHF RFID reader operates in 902 - 928 MHz band. Reader is designed to read and write EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO18000-6C) UHF tags. It is powered and communicates via a standard USB connection, providing a convenient device that can be hosted...
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  • Intermec IF2 RFID Network Reader


    Intermec IF2 Network Reader (EU)

    Intermec IF2A RFID Reader for EU Operations (865-868 MHz - ETSI). The Intermec IF2 reader has been designed to support diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read...