​TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags in the Audiovisual and Rental Industry

​TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags in the Audiovisual and Rental Industry

Rental companies in industries such as audiovisual, construction, and IT face significant challenges in optimizing logistics and maintaining a reliable inventory and workflow for the cables they handle daily. Traditional methods of identifying cables using printed barcodes or QR codes are inefficient, requiring manual, line-of-sight scanning of each code. RFID technology offers a solution by enabling the bulk scanning of cables without the need for line of sight. However, not all RFID tags are suitable for this task. The TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags, specifically optimized for use on insulated metal, address this issue. It is available with a set of durable tag holders that ensure reliable mounting on professional cables of various dimensions.

 TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags used for tracking and managing cables in the audiovisual and rental industry

Understanding TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags

TagMatiks offers RFID solutions tailored for cable management in the AV and rental sectors. These RFID Cable Tags are designed to be durable, easy to deploy, and capable of withstanding the rigors of event environments. Here’s how they can revolutionize cable tracking

Compact Design with Robust Performance

One of the standout features of the TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag is its compact design. Measuring just 2.8 mm in height and with a footprint of 36 mm x 11 mm, this tag offers a sleek, low-profile solution that doesn’t compromise on performance. Despite its small size, the tag provides an impressive read range of 14-18 feet when mounted on insulated metal surfaces. This makes it ideal for environments where space is limited, but reliable performance is essential.

Versatility Across Applications

The TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag is not only compact but also incredibly versatile. It performs exceptionally well even in challenging environments where cables are densely packed or piled together for transport. The enhanced read sensitivity ensures accurate and comprehensive data capture, significantly reducing the risk of misreads and improving overall operational efficiency.

Additionally, the tag functions effectively on plastic surfaces with metal in the near background. This feature addresses a common issue where traditional tags for plastic fail, making the TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag suitable for tracking IT devices with plastic bezels and metal behind them.

Durability to Withstand Harsh Conditions

Durability is a critical factor for any RFID tag used in industrial applications, and the TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag does not disappoint. The tag is housed in a high-performance thermoplastic polyester resin holder, which is secured with industrial-quality screws. This robust design protects the RFID tag from impacts, pressure, and extreme temperatures, ensuring longevity and consistent performance even in harsh conditions.

Diverse Tag Holder Options

The TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag comes with various tag holder options to fit different cable types. The holders are available in multiple internal diameters (ID) to accommodate a wide range of cables, from CAT5 and DMX microphone cables to heavy-duty power cables. Here are the available sizes:

0.300” ID: 1.96” x 0.88” (CAT5, DMX Microphone)

0.430” ID: 2.11” x 0.93” (12/3 SJOOW, #4 Stage, #6 Stage)

0.540” ID: 2.526” x 0.972” (#2 Stage, 12/3 SOOW)

0.700” ID: 2.66” x 1.21” (12/3 SOOW, #2 EISL)

0.880” ID: 2.93” x 1.49” (19Pin Ext, 4/0 Stage, 6/4 SO)

1.100” ID: 3.23” x 1.88” (4/0 Type W, 6/4 SO HMI Feeder)

1.312” ID: 2.87” x 1.93” (5 Wire Banded Cams, 19 Pin Breakout)

The TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag comes with various tag holder options to fit different cable types.

Enhanced Visibility and Accuracy

Traditional labeling methods often rely on manual entries and visual identification, which can be error-prone and inefficient, especially in hectic event setups. TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags provide:

Automated Tracking: Each cable tag is uniquely encoded with an RFID chip, allowing for automatic identification and tracking. This reduces human error and ensures accurate inventory tracking.

Real-time Visibility: With RFID readers strategically placed throughout event venues or rental facilities, AV professionals can quickly locate specific cables, monitor inventory levels, and streamline asset management.

Efficient Inventory Management

AV companies and rental providers deal with a vast inventory of cables, ranging from HDMI and XLR to power and data cables. TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags enable:

Inventory Optimization: By tagging each cable with an RFID tag, inventory counts become streamlined. AV managers can easily conduct audits and reconcile inventory levels without the need for exhaustive manual checks.

Asset Utilization: Insights gained from RFID-enabled tracking help optimize asset usage, ensuring that cables are efficiently allocated across multiple events or projects.

Improved Operational Efficiency

In the dynamic AV and rental industry, efficiency directly impacts profitability and customer satisfaction. TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags offer:

Quick Deployment: The tags are designed to be easily affixed to cables using durable tag holders, ensuring they stay securely in place despite the demanding environment.

Fast Retrieval: During setup and teardown phases, RFID-enabled tracking speeds up the process of identifying and retrieving specific cables, reducing setup times and minimizing downtime between events.

Enhanced Asset Security

Theft and misplacement of equipment are significant concerns in the AV industry. TagMatiks RFID Solution provide:

Trackable History: Detailed tracking histories stored in the RFID Software help trace the movement of cables, making it easier to investigate incidents and recover lost items.

Integration with Existing Systems

TagMatiks RFID solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing AV management software and ERP systems. This facilitates:

Data Integration: RFID data can be synchronized with inventory databases and event management software, providing a unified view of equipment and cable usage.

Scalability: Whether managing a single event or a series of concurrent productions, TagMatiks RFID solutions scale to meet the evolving needs of AV professionals and rental companies.


To further enhance user convenience, the TagMatiks Cable RFID Tag includes pre-printed and pre-encoded tags. Each tag features a unique number printed in human-readable text and barcode (QR Code) formats, simplifying the commissioning process and enhancing asset tracking capabilities. For businesses with specific needs, custom encoding and branding options are also available, ensuring the solution can be tailored to meet unique requirements.

In conclusion, TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags represent a significant advancement in cable management for the AV and rental industry. By leveraging RFID technology, companies can achieve greater operational efficiency, improve asset utilization, enhance security measures, and ultimately deliver superior service to their clients. As technology continues to evolve, RFID solutions like those offered by TagMatiks will play a crucial role in transforming how AV professionals manage their equipment and deliver exceptional experiences.

For AV companies and rental providers looking to streamline operations and elevate service standards, integrating TagMatiks RFID Cable Tags is a strategic investment that promises substantial returns in efficiency and reliability.

Jun 25th 2024

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